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  1. Hi. That doesn't quite cut it. I have a library of pre-drawn images that I need to be able to use in various drawings that will require some resizing for each use. But I don't need to resize in all directions - I'm not looking to scale. I need to be able to stretch the designs. For example, I have a built-in that is 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. I need to maintain the 5 feet tall but make it 4 feet wide while keeping all other relationships equal (ex. I have a 6"x6" detail in each upper corner that I want to keep 6"x6") How can I accomplish this?
  2. I read the previous requests for a how-to on an equivalent to the ACAD stretch tool but I can't get the solutions to work. The Resize tool (and it's dragging coounter part) do stretch the objects selected in the direction you want but they also resize below the fixed point and do not hold the original shape within the object. Ex. I have a window with five long lines between two jagged end lines. All I want to do is select one end and the middle lines and move them to be longer/shorter in the middle without changing the end line parameters. (Note: This is a basic example but you get the point.)
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