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  1. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Thank you. That's much appreciated.
  2. Hello Nikolay, thanks for your message. That's helpful to know. I'll certainly do that from now on (or start again and create a new title block from scratch). If you do manage to correct this issue, where would I expect to see it announced? Would you post back here, or would it be on more general updates? Many thanks, Rob
  3. Hi Pat, I'm editing the original file and then exporting the updated version to the favourites file. Regards, Robert
  4. Hi Andy, I think I'm doing as you suggest. I have the Title block as a favourite, and I'm double clicking on the icon with the red text.
  5. @Andy Broomell Hi, and thanks for offering your advice. Not that I recall. If I've already inserted a title block for some reason, and want to swap it out for my custom block, it doesn't like that. I get a popup message, which doesn't let me replace it. However, on a new document I don't get any of those troubles - other than the annoying revision being letters rather than numbers. I appreciate that I can just edit it that on each page, but I wanted to create a title block that would auto insert all of this for me. many thanks, Rob
  6. Thanks for your advice Pat. I actually followed your response to a previous post and got that far. I'm editing the style (though I've tried both options now). The title block as created in the original document works perfectly. I have saved it, then added it to my favourites for future use. When I then open a new document, and insert the title block (from my favourites) it then appears in the new document with the incorrect settings - i.e. the revision notes in letter order, rather than numeric. I can't understand why, when it is set one way, does it revert to another?
  7. Can anyone help me with editing my title block please? I am trying to edit the style so that the revisions use numbers rather than letters. I edit style in the OIP so that it appears correctly on the sheet. I save the document (also saving it to favourites for future use). However, when I then come to use it later, the title block has reverted to letters again. Pulling my hair out here - can anyone explain what's going wrong, in simple terms please?! I also want to save it to my libraries and that's not seeming to work either - not sure if the two problems are connected? Many thanks


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