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  1. Thanks, I used cinebench to benchmark 512, 1024 and 2048MB of video RAM on a K1 card. Now I'll try and get my hands on a P40 card and maybe a server to do the same benchmarks. For future reference, I have attached my results.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of writing the specs for our new VDI cluster. We are running a cluster with K1 cards, Horizon View and low end (256MB) vGPU profiles. This cluster is due for a replacement and we are looking into the Nvidia P40 as a replacement. We'd like to be able to judge the performance improvement in an objective manner and since I am not the application specialist here, I'm wondering if there is some accepted method of comparing performance within vectorworks between systems. Some kind of test I can run on our old cluster and on a new, demo system, to compare the user experience within Vectorworks. I'm expecting an improvement, since I'm looking into going to 1 or 2GB vGPU profiles and a more recent GPU architecture, but I need to benchmark my CPU usage too. Is there anyone here running this kind of hardware or can offer me some kind of advice with regards to vGPU on recent hardware?
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