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  1. FinchProduction

    Problems with insert connection tool

    What's happening????? When I use the insert connection tool to insert a hoist between two trusses, that works fine, but when I delete these hoist, I can't re-insert them amymore
  2. FinchProduction

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    @JustinVH Hereby the file. 😁 I think I found it. It's working know to every orientation. circle segment.vwx
  3. FinchProduction

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    @JustinVH I just was puzzling with the rotation and found it. The insert point and the snap is working fine know. The only thing I don't find is how you can connect the arc to the top or down on an other truss. Like if you connect a c003 corner of prolate to a truss, you can choose the orientation of the corner leg. left, right, down and up. Is this also possible with a single circle arc?
  4. FinchProduction

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    @JustinVH That I already found out 😁. But I don't want to use a full circle, but just want to create a segment af a circle that a can store in a truss library for the future.
  5. FinchProduction

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    I'm making a circle library for the prolyte H40V series. I'm trying to get the insertion point @ the right spot of the circle segment. But I can't figure it out. It stays at the center beginning of the truss segment and the auto connect truss is not working properly . I real can use some help. Or is there a library with the prolate cirkels and the different segnment of them?


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