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  1. Jim S.

    Scale Interior Elevation Markers

    So how does everyone approach interior elevation markers then? My understanding is: The interior elevation marker has to be places on the design layer (for example at 1/4"=1') to generate the elevations from the model. I want the interior elevation marker to only appear on an enlarged plan (for example at 1/2"=1') and now my interior elevation marker is double the size it should be. On the enlarged plan Advanced Viewport Properties I can scale the text to .5 but the interior elevation marker size does not change. Changing the marker scale and symbol scale does not change the interior elevation marker. Do I have to turn off the class my interior elevation markers are on for the enlarged plan viewport and add a "dumb" marker in annotations so it shows at the right scale? One tag to generate the elevations and another unlinked tag to show at the right scale? This can't be the answer...what am I missing?
  2. Jim S.

    Viewports Go Missing

    Working in a project sharing file with four other people in the office we have all experienced section, elevation, and plan viewports go completely missing. All of these viewports were generated from the model and placed on a sheet, then annotated with additional information. All of the annotation info is missing since the viewport itself is gone. This is a large amount of work that is now gone, a massive waste of time, and a huge expense to us to recreate this missing work. The viewports are not on a different sheet. The viewports are not moved off the sheet. Its become such a hinderance to the project with an impending deadline that we are abandoning a BIM approach to the drawings and doing it all in 2D, which is just disappointing.
  3. Jim S.

    Disappearing Sheet Layers

    A project sharing file had all of the sheet layers disappear, yet in two existing working files the sheet layers were still there. When the project sharing file was opened by a different user to create a working file the sheet layers were missing. Has anyone come across this issue before? We were able to catch the issue early enough to create a new project file from one of the working files with minimal work needing to be redrawn.
  4. Jim S.

    Project sharing walls randomly disappear

    I came across this suggestion already and checked. The model is over the internal origin.
  5. Jim S.

    Project sharing walls randomly disappear

    I too have also been having this problem. Walls go missing from the file and with all classes and layers turned on they are nowhere to be found. This happens both in single user VW file and in Working Files. The only way we have been able to fix the file is to revert to an archive file. Currently using VW 2019.
  6. Jim S.

    Window Muntin Line Thickness

    Wes, Thank you for your help!
  7. How do you modify the line thickness of window muntins? Pulling elevations from the model look good enough, but with a 7/8" wide muntin the two lines depicting it make it look to heavy.
  8. I am fairly new to VW and am struggling with a few items. So far I have been unable to find any tutorials, discussions, or links that clearly explain how to organize your file to show existing conditions, demolition work, and new construction. In the office I am leading the charge to do as much in 3D as possible as I believe it is the most efficient and productive way to tackle a project. That being said VW has to be the most complicated program I have had to learn in terms of organizing the 3D model. I hope someone can lend some advice and help. My program background includes ArchiCAD and Revit. The goal: I would like to have one model organized through Classes and Design layers that when viewed through viewports on Sheet Layers accurately displays the appropriate construction phase (existing, demo, or new). My approach: I have an Existing Plan Design Layer with existing walls on either the "Wall To Remain" or "Wall To Be Demolished" Class. This shows all the walls the same graphically. I have a Demolition Plan Design Layer with only walls to be demolished modeled on the "Wall Demo" class. This class is set to show demo walls as dashed lines. In the viewport on the Demolition Plan Sheet Layer the "Wall To Be Demolished" class is turned off and the Existing Plan Design Layer is on as well as the Demolition Plan Design Layer. This shows my existing conditions as well as the demolition scope. I have a Proposed Plan Design Layer with only new walls modeled on the "New Wall Class". This class is set to show walls with a heavier line weight. In the viewport on the Proposed Plan Sheet Layer the "Wall To Be Demolished" and the "Wall Demo" classes are turned off. The Existing Plan Design Layer and Proposed Plan Design Layer are turned on showing what is existing to remain and new construction. Problems/Questions: This seemed to work until I got to windows and doors. If I am demolishing an existing window and replacing it with a new window of the same size I am able to have my plans read correctly with the approach outlined above, even though the new window on a "New Window" class exists in a wall on the Existing Plan Design Layer. My problem is when I demolish a series of windows that is not filled in-kind, but instead a new door and series of windows is placed in that opening. Because the existing wall is on the Existing Plan Design Layer I am unable to place the new door in the wall on the Proposed Plan Design Layer. I am quite confused on how to correctly model (I know there is no ONE way) all these phases together. What I Am Asking: Without having three models copied next to each other in the file (come on it's 2018 we shouldn't be doing that), how do people organize their file in a way that allows them to separate the phases of construction. Please explain things to me in the most basic ways possible. A detailed explanation or example file would be greatly appreciated and I thank anyone for their help in this issue. Also: Stories are also confusing, which i am trying to use as well in this model. I think I have an ok grasp on those however. (But I have to say having Design Layers AND Stories, Story Levels, and Story Layer Types makes my head spin.)


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