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  1. Sarah, just a quick thank you for your help with this. With a bit more sweat I got the task completed and have been able to schedule out ~1000 cavity barriers for a project, so your help was really appreciated. Out of interest is there a way to build a menu dialog with nodes? As last formatted my network would ask for 5 bits of information independently whereas it'd be preferable for this to all be set from one box.
  2. For context I attach my work in progress. I'm also having problems with the records this produces, as although I resorted to using nodes to force input values to integers prior to them being added to the record, the resultant record just says '<field value>' rather than anything useful. Apologies again for all the questions, but I am totally new to all this. Thanks for your help so far. Cavity Barrier.vwx
  3. Thanks for clearing that up too, I had been getting errors when switching to the selection criteria. I've another quick question about this sort of conversion of the networks in to menu commands - how do you programme the menu command to offer up the OIP input options prior to running the script? Once a menu command, my network just uses my default input values without opportunity to alter these.
  4. Brilliant, thank you! That's really unlocked it, I was just unsure whether there was any specific syntax to these queries as I'd seen people refer to IFC Fields in quotes or square brackets. Just one last thing, is that 'Choice Item' node required?
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm using 2021 and attach a scratch file I've been using just to try to harvest the IFC information I need to generate cavity fire barriers around windows in construction. I believe I have put in the right Strings for IFC data for the 'Object.OverallHeight', 'Object.OverallWidth' and 'Object.VW_Name' but only get unknown values generated. What I'm trying to do is size the cavity barriers from the overall dimensions and to generate their names based on the window unit reference, so all can be traced + signed-off on site. I hope that makes sense? Cavity Barrier.vwx
  6. Hi, I'm new to Marionette and am trying to get it to correctly retrieve IFC information so that I can automate the creation of window accessories. I'm using the Get IFC Property node but cannot get it to spit out the right results. I can see from the IFC Data... inspector under the AEC menu that the reference for my windows exists here "[Object.VW_Name] ELSE [Object.IDPrefix] + [Object.IDLabel] + [Object.IDSuffix] ELSE 'Window' " But this string does not work as an sIFCPropName. As a test I've also set up another node simply to look-up "Object.OverallHeight". Neither respond in the string with anything other than "<Unknown Value>". What am I missing here? I think it's a syntax issue (mine), but it's really very unclear how I can setup a successful query. Any help gratefully received! My brain hurts....🤕 Chris
  7. Hi Max, I have not experienced it lately and note now that Vectorworks 2021 has a much improved workflow for setting-up this information in projects, importing DWGs etc. Regards, Chris
  8. Third time unlucky it would seem.
  9. As a record of the current state of my install I can confirm that CineRenderNEM is not present. (See screenshot) Also the repair install keeps stalling at 38%. (Twice already, am attempting 3rd).
  10. Cinerender is not in that directory. Would it definitely be there if we only have a license for Architect without a full Renderworks license? I've updated to SP2.1 and am repairing the install to see if that helps.
  11. @Alex Sagatov You might be on to something there as it has knocked out the same functions in VW 2019 now that I've checked. Must be an OSX level problem. Do you know if there is a way to manually prompt cinerender to load?
  12. Right, the only place where I can still see my textures is in the resource browser, but these are labelled as Renderworks Textures. Am I correct in thinking that for the 2020 release Nemetschek have rolled back some functionality from 2019 to boost sales of Renderworks?
  13. I'm using VW 2020 SP2 on MacOSX Catalina. All texture information has been stripped from edited wall types and Open GL rendered panes in my previously functioning 2019 files. When editing components and classes, no information is shown under the heading textures. I literally can't find a texture edit option anywhere. Is anyone else experiencing this? Seems like a major issue if so as it prevents me effectively editing the model junctions and appears to be interfering with rendering of sections.
  14. Hi both, Thanks for your input. We believe the problems we experienced were related to the saving of files in a rotated view. If a file (A) , referenced in another elsewhere (B) , was saved in a rotated view the world references get mapped incorrectly. The process can be reversed by run rotating the view in A and updating the references in B. I believe that the process you describe effectively does as much. It’s annoying and I don’t know why the world coordinates change when you rotate the viewport. Our office now avoids rotating views to prevent these issues. Netmetschek have had ages to resolve this very basic problem.
  15. Art V, A useful tip, but we don't need to move the original coordinates. We would simply like to use the rotate view facility to work on source files without worrying about inadvertently breaking the references to every target file. We'd also like Vectorworks to reference reliably. These are two very basic functions that every user should demand.
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