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  1. JacobWC

    Page Setup & Printing

    Awesome! Thank you, Jake
  2. JacobWC

    Page Setup & Printing

    Hi - I am having difficulty setting up my sheet layers for optimal PDF export, which I ultimately use to print onto 11x17 paper. My title block, and the bottom 1/4" or so of the sheet layer is getting lopped off and thrown onto a 2nd and 3rd PDF page respectively. To fix it, I went into File--> Page Setup and manually entered "1" and "1" in the "Horiz" and "Vertical" boxes, then manually rescaled my Title Block. I don't think this is the right way to go about this. I would love any suggestions if you have them. Thanks! Sincerely, Jake
  3. I was only seeing it in wireframe. When I switch to Hidden Line it goes away. I am pretty new to VW -- didn't know about Hidden Line view. Thanks - you have answered my question. Sincerely, Jake
  4. Quick question: I am drawing some quarter-round molding in Vectorworks 2018, and when I push/pull the 3D molding or "Add Solids" to two contiguous pieces of molding, I can see a line representing the arc of the molding at the junction of the two pieces (or at the location where I started the push/pull), even though VW recognizes it as a single object. This is only in wireframe view. Any suggestions on how I can remove that line?


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