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  1. Attached. Correct drawing numbers are 030, 031, 032....They change back to 1311_024_A....I have tried changing them in Titleblock manager and via design layer menu and via navigation window, all several times. All work for a few minutes but when I then change sheet information for an individual sheet it all changes back and I lose all the information I have changed on every layer. I need to change the sheet layer numbers as I am re-using the planning drawings as the base for my building regulation drawings, as I normally do. What is the point of this labour intensive and highly frustrating 'feature'? It is a waste of time, effort and reliability. It is far quicker to use a text box. 1311_GA_Const_02.zip
  2. Importing existing files from pre-2019 seems to make the title block manager system even more unstable than with a new sheet. I have had to re-input every drawing number over a dozen times as they all revert back to previous numbers when opening an individual title block. Best wait for a patch for this disastrous feature before using it. I cannot trust the title block manager system from 2019 to retain any information correctly and would recommend keeping well clear of it. The title blocks can however be ungrouped once initially set for a project and this will give the ability to change the individual sheet information easily (as normal text boxes) and so be reasonably sure it will not change back at random...it is also far quicker than using the Manager system feature. I can only assume that whoever invented the latest tilteblock feature had no idea about the commercial reality of getting drawings done quickly and accurately but was wrapped up in providing a new 'functionality' gimmick...which would be forgivable perhaps if it worked!
  3. Hi Nikolay The issue is with my title blocks not the Title Block Border. My title blocks were set up using a previous VW title block set-up. If you can see the regular symbol you can presumably see that the text boxes are compressed? That is the problem. Thanks Jim Naish
  4. Hi Nikolay I attach a drawing sheet with my standard title block in VW2018. All works fine with VW2018 but when opening in VW2019 the text boxes reduce and I cannot get them to re-size when I use the edit symbol. This means that I cannot open any of my previous drawings and print them for clients...not acceptable. I had this issue with VW2016 or VW2017 but the edit symbol worked and although it was a bit of a pain at least the work around worked. I have been on VectorWorks since MiniCad but I am really getting to a stage where I think VW is not tested adequately before issuing and the yearly updating is putting too much pressure on the tech team...or they are just not thorough enough. I will probably just not upgrade in the future and live with the bugs. Better the devil you know! Thanks Jim Naish VW_test.vwx
  5. Hi. The title block feature on VW2019 DOES NOT WORK...do not install this update!. I have tried to resolve the issue where when importing drawings from previous versions the title block reduces each of the text areas and they cannot be adjusted back in the symbol edit. Whether this applies to all symbols I don't know, but I'm sticking to VW2018.
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