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  1. I have had this problem before, using the latest driver (v4.63, aka file pl532.exe). Most -not all- patterns print as black. Downgrading print drivers to 4.6?? aka pl132.exe) fixes this problem. However, the earlier driver is not properly digitally signed for install on Windows 2003 Server systems, so I am now again using v4.63 and stuck with the black blobs instead of patterns. VW 10.5 Win2k client on Win2003 server HP 450C/E Is there a solution, or forthcoming solution? [ 01-13-2004, 04:24 PM: Message edited by: bobdobbs ]
  2. I agree too. so many schedules are rendered usless because they extend off the page without word wrap. or even better try OLE for excel and word so I don't have to do my specs and schedules in other programs.
  3. Turning pallette docking off helps get the info palette out of "enormous mode" but when pallete docking is turned on, getting them to not "stack" one palette per row or column deep is next to impossible. This is not confined to dual monitor setups, it happens one one monitor stations too. This just sucks having my palettes take up all this screen real estate.
  4. I too have the "tool palettes won't align, but take-up too much room" problem. It you use two monitors the object info palette expands to fill 1 1/2 monitors width, refuses to be resized. If docked it pushes the whole drawing off screen, if undocked covers most of both monitor areas. Any suggestions anyone? This should have been fixed in Alpha NOT after two revision releases. I waited for TWO revision cycles intentionally because I remember how AWFUL version 9 was until - 4 revision cycles later - 9.5.2. I guess Nemetschek has learned nothing from that process, and still puts out software for the users to beta test. Perhaps I'll just return it before I lose time/money like I did with VW 9. I've used this product since MiniCAD+4, I've seen the quality plummet. Utility has increased, but not to match price which has tripled since then. The program which used to be 1/10 the cost of AutoCAD is now 1/3 the cost of AutoCAD. I still like it much better, but these really basic frustrations do make me doubt my choices. What does anyone know about ArchiCAD? [ 04-02-2003, 10:35 AM: Message edited by: bobdobbs ]
  5. bobdobbs

    VW 10

    I don't know about anyone else, but I feel extremely angry that Nemetschek has released version 10 (which seems to have nice new features, but is especially a massive bug fix from version9) while doing absolutly NOTHING for users who got suckered into buying vw9. I paid full upgrade price for vw9, and for my money I got a seemingly endless string of failures, patches, and excuses. This of course culminating in Nemetschek abandoning vw9, (as not too few posters here seem to have done in favor of the stable VW8.5.2) and moving on to vw 10. This would be fine if NNA gave VW10 as a free upgrade to the hundreds of involuntary beta testers of VW9, but instead they want me to pay for a new version, when, in my opinion, they have not really given me a good version of the last one I paid for. Releasing beta grade software as final was one bad desision by NNA, but it is beyond me why they see fit to follow that up with the almost equally bad decision to functionally tell me, "We got your money before, gave you junk - our bad but tough luck for you, instead of us trying to make good, just give us more money." That software was not only good money for a terrible product - but it COST me money in lost drafting time, technical support time and money, and associated costs. I'm not suggesting NNA owes me all the money they have cost me. But maybe they could give me the stable, functional, quality software I paid for and had good reason to expect. What do all of you beleaguered VW9 users think? Should NNA cut us a break (or at least a fair deal)? I've used this CAD software since MiniCAD+4. This whole thing just makes me want to jump ship. Perhaps ArchiCAD will treat us with a little less contempt and greed.


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