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  1. For years I have copied and pasted a group of symbols (plumbing and appliances) from one drawing to another and the scale changes automatically from 1/8" to 1/4" etc. This time when I copied from a plan at 1/4" scale and pasted to a new plan at 1/4" scale the symbols are at 1/8" scale! How can I change them? Alora
  2. I don't have time to book a training session between now and Friday when 17 drawings are due. Why would importing the Title Block from Autocad (DWG/DXF)be so much more complicated than importing the plans, etc? Can someone else please help?
  3. Jim. Can you please walk me through the steps to import the title plan because changing the scale to 1:96, which is the scale for all of the other sheets, isn't working. It's still miniscule and I'm running out of time and patience! Thanks, Alora
  4. Hi Jim, How about if I just re-import the title block? It was sent as a DWG/DXF. Alora
  5. I don't have time to go through tutorial right now as I've got a deadline. (Actually been using VW for about 15 years but obviously missed this lesson.) The problem is I am working with another architect and am using his title block. Which plane should I import the title block to? The plans have been imported to screen plane but I can't paste the title block into it.
  6. I've got Active Sheet Layer and Screen Plane - which is Sheet Layer?
  7. I've imported some drawings and the title block is at 1:1 scale while the rest of my layers are at 1/4" scale. When I try to past the title block into the other layers eg. the plan, it's miniscule. What scale should I use?
  8. Hi Jim, I tried joining the walls with and without the Join Wall Tool, and received the same message. I also tried a sample, changing an unstyled wall to a styled wall and received the same message. Any other suggestions? Alora
  9. I changed a styled wall from 4" to 6" wide wall and now I can't join the corners. I receive a message telling me "This editing operation cannot be performed because of constraints on one or more objects." When I try to edit constraints I receive another message telling me "This object does not have any parameter constraints." What do I try next?
  10. Isn't the reshape tool for 2d objects? How do I reshape a wall in 3D(isometric)? I am not ready to roof it yet.
  11. How do I create a peaked parapet that will show up in an isometric?
  12. I use Object Info all of the time and the Windows are in Wall.
  13. Glazing is set to clear but what is OIP?
  14. The windows do show up in the isometric but I want to be able to see through them.
  15. That's exactly what the video showed and it worked like a charm? Is the procedure similar for making windows transparent?
  16. I am designing a 2 story commercial building, which will have a large opening where the stairs will be located. I would like to show my clients a unified view isometric showing the stairs leading down to the ground floor. How do I create an opening in the floor?
  17. Mitch, You're right - it does! Many thanks, Alora
  18. Does VW 2010 have a tool/symbol to create a half circle that is commonly used on architectural sections to show the elevations of the slab to floors?
  19. Chris, Thanks so much - the honeycomb hatch is perfect! I've also downloaded your wall types. Alora
  20. How do I create a rigid insulation symbol that I can insert in walls and adjust it's dimensions to suit? The tool set only shows batt insulation.
  21. Alora

    Round windows

    OK I've created a symbol of a small round window and have tried to insert it into the plan but it stays round - how do I 'flatten'it?
  22. How do I create round windows?
  23. I'm not sure what I did but VW is now printing in colour!
  24. That was one of the first things I tried but the black & white option wasn't checked. I ended up printing a PDF in colour but would like to solve printing VW in colour. Alora
  25. I am having difficulty printing my elevations in living colour. I managed to turn off the colour option some time ago but can't remember how I did it. I am printing from my new Epsonstylus Pro4880, which is an incredibly fussy printer! I would like to print directly from the VW screen, not from a PDF, which doesn't work either. Thanks in advance.
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