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  1. Hi Andrew, thank you very much for your quick response. That helped me to understand what happened. Unfortunately, I feared that. I hoped to get rid of several different Worksheets (Worksheet Query) for getting a Symbolcount for our Warehousetool with the cool new features. Anyway I like the new speaker array tool. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, in Vectorworks 2021 it's possible to use real Symbols in the Speaker Array Tool. So far so good, I'm really happy about this feature. One thing amazes me. It seems that the Symbols disappear in the worksheets if you set angles inside the Speaker Array, which we'll always have. In the attached Picture you can see the Problem. Array 1 is without angles. Array 2 with a Bumper Angle Array 3 with Bump/ Sub at 0° and Speaker at -4° Worksheet Count in the first Situation is good. Does somebody has any idea what I have to change or is this a bug? Thank you in advance
  3. I really appreciate your help. Looks like that marionette sometimes does what it wants to do 😉
  4. @m.graf thanks for the updated string node. I tried this workaround with the Space as well 😉 because I discoverd that the positioning error only happens if one string is empty. But I wanted to understand why this random positioning happens because all the text nodes have their specific insertion point. For the moment I can work with this workaround. Thanks
  5. Hi, @Marissa Farrell thank for having a look inside the network Weird Text Issue.vwx
  6. I tried this before, same issue... Right now i have implemented the point coordinates direct in the "easy Text" node. the dummy end node also brings no improvement. Thanks for the hints M.Graf
  7. Hi there, i have a strange issue in a marionette object node. The network outside of an object node works perfect. But in the Object node the textfields changes randomly their position. Does anyone know something about this problem or are some connections wrong inside of my network?
  8. Thank you very much. It works like a charm.
  9. thank you very much. I'm excited to use this node later. Cheers
  10. Thank you for your quick reply. But I think this is not the Symbol Insertion Z, it's the center of the Z Axis of the 3d Symbol. In my case the 3d Center of a Lighting Device is not like the insertion point of the Lighting Device.
  11. Hi there, I try to work with the Insertion Point of Symbols. The problem is that the "Get Symbol Location" Node only creates the X an Y Axis of the Symbol but not the Z Axis Is there some other node which can display the Z Axis? I've seen the node "Get Z at XY", but the problem is that this is the highest Point of the 3d Symbol at the Insertion Point and not the insertion Point itself. Thanks in advance Tom
  12. Thanks boomer. okay so maybe the German Team from VWX is also reading these requests. Would be a great time safer.
  13. Hi, I'm a German Spotlight User and found in the Architecture Version the Grid Tool (in German "Raster Werkzeug"). It's pretty useful for a lot of Situation like big Festival Sheets or Axes in Venues etc. Could you please add this tool to the Spotlight Version as well. Thanks in advance
  14. definitely go for this one :The number instruments settings window should have the ability to save and recal setting made in it.
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