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  1. Cool guys. Thx a lot for all of the tips
  2. Cool, is it then possible to get the lines from the different layers, so it is easier to see them?
  3. Hi, When I use the clip cube in 3D, it makes a red cross section. Is it possible to change this color or even make it "transparent" or so I can se the lines from the different layers
  4. Hi, Is it possible to constraint / bind extrudes and walls together. In my example do I have an extrude in the bottom (1000x1000 mm) with a smaller extrude on top and a wall on the side. If I change the big extrude to 800x800 could it be cool to have the other stuff follow. Just like in inventer where it is possible to constraint different parts. Is this even possible in vectorworks, and maybe there is a even better way to do this? Test.vwx
  5. Hi, Is it possible to constrain two 3D solids? For example: I have a plate with a thickness of 100 mm. On top of this plate I have a wall element. When I edit the plate thickness to 150 mm, does the wall not follow the surface of the plate. Are there a way to bind different solids, walls and so on together?
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