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  1. So if i change the setting in my template, it would always have this setting? Also in publish?
  2. Hi, Is there a way to set the default grey level in VW. I want all of my drawings with a grey level of 45% and it is annoying to set this every time.
  3. Hi How do I get fill in my symbols. If i edit the symbols is the fills set to solid and white, but when i go to my sheet layer, is there not any fills in them.
  4. Hi, When I am drawing in scale 1:1 on my design layer and switching to my sheet layer, I have to zoom in a lot. Are there a setting, where I can force VW to auto zoom so it fits everything on the screen, and not zoomed out x100.
  5. I think I just make the lines thicker Another thing. As you told, did I attach a record to my lines. This working fine, but is it possible to force it to stand on the record everytime I chose the lines. ex. I do some work on my drawings, making lines, text etc. Then I want to turn on some of my signatures. I go to my signature layer, and pick the line i want to turn on. Hit the "data" tab in the OI, but then VW automatic those "default ifcAnnotation" and then I have to pick the custom record myself. So is it possible to make the default to be on the custom record. I Know this a little thing, but it would make the job easier for a lot of people in my company
  6. Hi I have done some search in this topic, but I can only find old stuff. Is it possible to default have "Adjust flipped text" unchecked in my viewports, so I dont have to edit every viewport?
  7. @Pat Stanford Your a genius! This is exactly what i am looking for. The only problem is, that it seems to look like the "image" in the worksheet doesn't have the same line thickness as the original line
  8. Hi @Gadzooks Thats sound cool. I am not at all good at this worksheet stuff. Am I lucky that you have the time to create a quick VW example of what you mean. Just a file, as I can build on @Grant_PD That's a way to do it. Except that I get spaces between the lines, when I hide som classes in the middle.
  9. That's cool!.. This is totally what I am seeking Only one quick question. - I can't make it to get the current revision date.
  10. Ohh okay. I have never tried to work with worksheets or database, so that is maybe a bit much for me
  11. Cool. But I am seeking more an automatic list. So the list automatic updates, when i creating a new revision. And it would be cool if it was possible to place the list on a sheet in our template and the list then expand, if we add more sheets to the file. I now this maybe is a extreme example
  12. Hi, Is it possible to create a revision list, that shows the current revision of all the drawings. So I have a drawing that only contain the revision list.
  13. Hi, I dont now if this is possible in VW and probably it isn't. In my company we need to place different kind of signature explanations to explain what the different line means. It is always the same "symbol" we import but with different content. Example. In one project do we need to explain red, blue and green lines. In another project do we need to explain blue and green line. The explanations is the same for the lines in the projekt, but i dont need the two projekt. I just dont want the red line in the second project. This is just an example. In my company do we talk about 20-30 line explanations, and it is annoying to un-symbol the symbol and move around the lines. And therefor and my question. Is it possible to create a smart symbol or similar that allows me to choose with lines I want in my explanation. So if I want the red, blue, green, yellow and pink line, I just pick them (maybe in a window) and the symbol is importing with the selected lines.
  14. Hi, Is it possible to do so my custom title block uses dots instead og dashes in my revision note?
  15. Hi, When i am exporting a PDF I have the option to select the level of gray for my grayed classes. (see picture) But I do not see this option when i am making a publish. Can this really be true, that this option only exist i "export - export PDF"
  16. Hi, In my custom title block, I have a file name field, thats automatic takes the dokument file name at use this in the titel block. But if i rename my file and open it, the title block is still using the old name. If I then open the title border settings, the title block updates itself. My quistion is. Why dosent it update automatic when i open the file, and are there a easy way to update all title block in the file in one go?
  17. If I start a brand new drawing and dragging the sheet border from resource the drop down is blank. And if i use the sheet border button, it is importing just fine. The sheet border is in a file under favorit in my resource manager
  18. Ok, I see if i import the sheet border with the sheet border button It is correct. Before did i just go to the ressorce manager and draged it to the drawing. That is maybe not the best way to import the border
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