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  1. Having trouble with ungrouping dimensions. I used to be able to select a dimension and ungroup which would 'explode' it to its component lines and text. Now when I attempt to ungroup them I get the usual dialogue asking if I want to "ungroup high-level objects?". I select OK but it remains a dimension. Any ideas? Running v11.50
  2. what if you keep doing it the way you currently do, but rather than saving a copy of the new master file, get the head guy to copy his file, delete his/her model but retain the view, then you guys all retrieve his blank file with its preset view.... i guess you all still have to copy&paste your huge scenes but it cuts out 1 step
  3. hehehe sometimes thinking out loud is better than asking
  4. thanks dave, this is one of the best free texture resources ive seen everyone check it out!
  5. thanks again guys katie: that will stretch/shorten BC & CD peter: i know man, whoo im not crazy! this is just for initial feasability and enquiries with the local planning authority before committing any $$ for a surveyor jan: yep, thats what i thought. the closest type of tool i could find is the 'shear' tool. that lets you tell vw to 'pin down' 1 side of your shape and move the rest. im just going to have to manually draw and redraw the boundaries until i get something that fits. *sigh* sometimes the smallest jobs are the biggest headaches
  6. thanks for the responses guys. perhaps i confused the issue by giving the example of a parrallelogram. what all the above solutions seem do is stretch 2 sides, id like for all the sides of the shape to stay at the same length. the reason for the request is that i have an old site survey drawing which gives me the dimensions of a property but not the angles. ive measured the setbacks at the corners of the existing dwelling and tried to place it onto the site. it has turned out to be way off which indicate that my drawing is out due to not knowing the angles of the property boundaries. the site shape is something like this: imagine a vertex at point C. id like to be able to grab vertex-C and move it up and down without stretching or shortening AB or DE. this would have the effect of pushing BD in and out and changing all the angles. this would allow me to tweak the angles while maintaining the boundary dimensions. of course this is imprecise but at feasability stage it would be good enough until a proper survey is done. get it now? geez, modeling is more fun than drafting [ 07-20-2004, 04:17 AM: Message edited by: mentalist ]
  7. this is such a seamingly simple operation which i just cant figure out: its there a way to edit a 2d shape which has pre-defined dimensions by clicking a side or vertex and moving it around without changing the length of any of its sides? eg. clicking on the top right corner of a square and dragging right making a parrallelogram?
  8. sounds like what youre after requires radiosity which renderworks isnt capable of... u can however try 'fakeosity'... ive achieved a 'glow' effect by placing a few low intensity point lights under the skylight (say, 4 lights at each corner if its sqaure/rectangular?) and set the falloff to 'smooth' and uncheck cast shadows... experiment with the position and intensity of the lights to achieve the desired result. also, giving the tiniest amount of blue color to the lights improves the effect more than u might expect. all this will make render time even more painful tho
  9. hey... why dont we have a WIP (work in progress) forum here like at CGtalk? it would be very cool for us vw users to show/discuss/critique our renderings amongst ourselves... admin?
  10. ummm wouldnt it be alot simpler to just use the render bitmap tool and then send the bitmap to the back (ctrl+b in win)? [ 03-05-2004, 07:23 AM: Message edited by: mentalist ]
  11. gotcha bara i actually learned vw with julian i did a semester with him learning the basics.
  12. great, thanks for the lengthy response bara... its contributions like that which make this board such a valuable resource! as far as employment goes, here in sydney most architectural offices are using vw, archicad, autocad, microstation and 3ds (not necessarily in that order), ive never seen a job add asking for anything else so it helps to have knowledge of the software in the offices. as a student seeking work it would be a little hard to ask a prospective employer to get a license just for me, im not that good.... yet
  13. thanks bk im aware of the vw exchange plugin, but im using demos since i havent yet decided on which to get stuck into and theres no demo version of the vw exchange plugin, hence the need to play with dxfs
  14. hi all the time has come for me to progress to something more sophisticated than RW. ive decided that c4d and 3ds max are the 2 best candidates for me... c4d seems to be a simpler application to learn, but as far as maximising employment opportunites 3ds is definately the better option... anyway... so far ive tried opening a vw dxf in c4d and end up losing things like doors and windows, and gain strange artifacts, as well as the scene being twisted and upside down! exporting dxf from vw, what are the best options to select when saving the dxf (or is there a better format than dxf). is it a smoother migration from vw to c4d or from vw to 3ds? (not taking into account export plugins)
  15. vectordepot has a free 'slab' plugin that does exactly what youre asking for u simply draw a polygon with the slab tool, u set its thickness and z height and it has separate classes for floor, ceiling and edges
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