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  1. In previous versions the hoist tool had a cell labeled "Load Weight" where i could input the weight of the load on the motor and obtain a total point load. So far in '21 I can not find a way to input a load value into the motor and create a total point load. Am I missing something or is this something that is now only available as part of Brace Works?
  2. Hello, Trying to connect Vision 2020 sp5 with ma2 onPC (same computer), using the grandma ESP Vision driver. Every time i try and change the Vision DMX provider to grandma and click ok i get an error saying "cannot open HASP driver. Tryed to update Vision as well as reinstalled Vision with getting the same error. Win10 64-bit Thank you. Dave Carr
  3. Often times i will copy objects such as say worksheets from a sheet layer in drawing A and then paste it on to a sheet layer in drawing B and wish that the folder hierarchy could be retained the same as if I "imported" the objects through the resource manager. The same with "double clicking" on an object in the resource manager on an object from my favorites folder to activate the "insertion tool" Thank you! Dave Carr
  4. Started VW today and my Object info and Navigation Palettes are not on my screen. under window it says they are both open somewhere. yesterday they were fine and right where they were supposed to be. I have only one screen connected. If i change from the spotlight workspace to the fundamentals work space they are back on the right side of the screen, but then when i go back to the spotlight workspace they are again gone. Tried reinstalling sp2 but nothing has changed. I can not find them anywhere on my screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Dave Carr Dave's World Designs
  5. Thank you for looking at my file! Yes both worksheets display 19 platforms. The problem is the individual platform counts. Worksheet 1 (furniture) displays 4- 4x8 @2' and 15- 4x8 @ 3' Worksheet 2 (staging) displays 1- 4x4 @ 2', 3- 4x8 @ 2', and 15- 4x8 @ 3' If you look at the drawing worksheet 2 is correct. as far as i can see all the criteria are set the same. I tried copying the criteria from worksheet 2 to worksheet 1 and got the same wrong counting. dcarr worksheet.vwx
  6. here you go. Thank you for your time and help in looking at this Dave Carr dcarr worksheet.vwx
  7. Thank you for the info. and the "should" work... I just double checked and my classes were off on a couple of items. Thank you! i will eagerly be awaiting sp3 Dave Carr Dave's World Designs
  8. Hi All, I have just experimented with Images in worksheets and can not figure out how to turn off some of the classes so only the basic part of the image is displayed. In the attached image, i would like to turn off the fixture info and on the truss i would like to turn off the "truss Simplified" Class and in the "1/2 ton" symbol i would like to turn off everything but the symbol it's self Thank you!
  9. Hi All, I am having an issue with one worksheet not showing the correct data. Here is my example: Worksheet 1 (displays all items correctly), Lists all stage deck items, Purpose, Size, and Height Worksheet 2 (does not display the data correctly), Quantity of Stage Decks needed, Size, and Height Worksheet one gives me 19 objects, 18 4x8 decks and 1 4x4 deck Worksheet two gives me 19 objects, 19 4x8 decks The Criteria on both is set to Type is Stage Deck and all the cells are set to the some record data. My workaround is to manually add the one missing item I've tryed coping the data headers from one to the other and no change. Thank you!
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