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  1. Hello Vworks World, I come to you all in a time of great need, struggling with creating a digital stage lit virtually, and facing some issues/maybe bugs with Default and Ambient Lighting. So, after some tinkering with two .stl files I've received from my Set Designer for a digital proscenium (with a metal black texture for now), and an inner piece meant to glow like a molten iron texture, I've discovered that there was a rather unsavory, very pale white light that seemed to stay on my final quality renderings coming from the angle of wherever my view was pointed, or whatever texture was on each of the objects. I've read in the forums that this is probably the Default lighting, as I've removed the ambient lighting from the document. But what I don't understand, is that no matter the amount or brightness of other lights that I add, there seems to always remain the ugly default lighting. I don't know if this is something to do with STLs ( I had the same issue with it in .obj form as well), or if default lighting is bugged rn, but I am honestly trying to achieve a true black with a small glow from the inner piece for a lot of the looks I'm trying to generate. I've added the vwx file as well as a screenshot with the issue showing for me. Any solutions, tips, or fixes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Hrindous Prosc Test.vwx
  2. Thank you so much! That was honestly super helpful! Now I can have them represented in both the Design, and Sheet layers without clogging up my master plot. That Clip Cube tool is AMAZING. And yeah I had to end up adding side arms to the tail downs, so a further complication of positioning, but in the end it's turning out well! Thank you again!
  3. Hello Vworks World! Hope everyone is doing well in Covid times! The Vectorworks University programs have been amazing to check out during our mandatory home time. So, I am struggling with with a combination of Industry standard practices of having a "callout" style deck plot and drafting in 3D. In the show that I'm doing, I have 4 tail downs from 2 line sets at varying depths, and 2 Lustr Series 2 on each tail down. The goal was to render and test my beams in the plot, as well as create a 3d accurate version of the theatre, but my professor is now showing that what I need to do for clarity and data is create a deck plot using callout boxes in a separate design layer that shows *vertically* where they're being hung on the pipe, as well as all of the data that goes with each instrument (purpose, Channel, and Unit #). In my circumstances, I also have to be careful to not have 2 instruments representing the same data, because I'm using the Lightwright 6 Data exchange system. How on earth do I either A: create a movable section view of just the tail down and get the data properly transposed on it with text boxes. or B :have multiple symbols (2d and 3d) representing the same instrument, without repeating the data in the LW6 data. I really like having the 3d lights in the space, as I'm using a live section viewport for the whole drawing, and testing the beams was so helpful, I would hate to just delete it for a footprint. Please let me know if anyone knows anything about this, or if this is just wishful thinking! I've attached a few images to help! -Hrindous
  4. Hey! First Post! I'm curious if anybody has the ability to help me with something! I've been working on a plot recently, and when I attempt to add any new moving lights or LED Lights with different data sets than ETC Lustrs or ColorSources, they Gray out and I have to force select them. They only show up if I set the class view to Show/Snap/Modify All, even though I'll have their class (None) set to be showing already. All my other lights (incandescents and Non-moving, ETC LEDs,) are also in the "None" class and show up just fine. Any tips on how to get past this? It's not detrimental, but it will make printing take forever with different viewports. Thanks, Hrindous
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