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  1. UPDATE: I found a workaround, which is to copy the viewports on the design layer, and covert them to goups. I will just have to update them manually, so it is a bit of a pain. Almost done with CD's, so might sort this out on the next project...
  2. Thanks Alan, yes, all the layers are at the same scale. I set up the drawing up this way so that I could put all sections on the same layer, and be able to add linework detail easily. I can then transfer detail from section to the other without having to jump between sheet viewports. It saved me loads of time, except for this last hangup! Attached are a couple screenshots to show the issue...
  3. Hello All, Here is my issue...I set up section viewports to be applied to a design layer for annotation. From there, I created another viewport for the drawing to be placed on a sheet. The viewport on the sheet does not show the design viewport in a handful of instances, but in some, it works fine. I have checked visibilities from classes, layers, ect. I have tried using the eyedropper tool to copy attributes from the viewports that are showing, to the ones that are not, but no luck. I am at a loss! Any ideas?