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  1. Also experiencing random crashes and very slow redraws/perspective changes. Going from plan view to orthogonal can take up to two minutes.
  2. Updated to Vwks 12.0.1 Still crashes completely on original document, which leads me to believe that you're right about something being corrupted in that file. New document with imported labels is stable so far. Vwks 12.0.1 does seem to take a long time to open a file, however. I get the spinning beach ball for about 1.5 minutes, during which time my force quit windows says 'Vectorworks is not responding'. After a couple of minutes, the desktop comes up suddenly and the force quite window changes to active Vectorworks. Is this normal?
  3. Thanks, Travis. I'm in the process of transferring layer by layer into a new doc. right now. I'm on OSX 10.4.5 on a dual 2GHz G5 with 3.5 GB ram. I am running Vwks 12.0.0, however. I will look for the updater now.
  4. Kate: I am having a similar problem with older files converted to 12. Vectorworks 12 allows me to open and edit these files (I haven't tried rendering yet), but when I attempt to change the page size with page setup, the screen disappears - a full program crash where Vwks vanishes. I can select a page in the pull down menu, but not in page setup. I have repeated this several times and the crash happens each time I select page setup. This is a file from Vwks 9 that was converted to 10 and this morning I converted it to 12.
  5. Thanks to everybody for posting on this thread. After a torturous couple of days with a deadline looming, I was trying to get my HP DesignJet 500PS to plot from Panther and VWKS 10.5, I scanned this thread and went to the Gimp Package site, 500 driver update and USB updates, and they work....no speedy, but they work. Install the driver first, then the USB updater to that it can 'discover' the driver when setting up the printer.
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