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  1. Edit the wall style. 1-select the component in the wall editor 2-select the edit button 3-choose offset component option and set the amount to offset by. You can set this as a default in the wall style editor, or you can do it on a per wall basis by selecting components in the OIP for a selected wall. You can chose to offset the top or bottom of the component.
  2. Here are three viewports of the same wall. The brick texture was changed in the second and third viewport by using a class override for the brick in those viewport.
  3. @Shane W Regarding your troublesome extrudes. I've found that if you assign an actual texture to the extrudes in Vectorworks before sending them to Twinmotion they behave much better. I don't think TM likes objects with no textures assigned. If some objects appear to be missing in TM they could be there but without a texture. If you can find the object in the TM object list on the right side of the screen, you can select it there then assign a material to it and it will appear.
  4. Select the curtain wall edit tool, then select the frame or frame pieces. Right click and select edit frame. You can change the material 3 ways, change the class it is assigned to, select a different material in the use material option of change the texture in the texture box.
  5. Create a Class for the door ID tag and assign a font style to it. In the door OIP set the ID class to the class you created. If you change the font style in your ID class then your door style font will change. You may need to right click on the door style open it for editing then close it again in order to force the update.
  6. What about using stacked viewports of the same view duplicated on a sheet layer. In viewport one you set it to hidden line rendering and the image props of people turned off. On top of that is viewport two with only the image props turned on and a rendering mode that will show the image props.
  7. @zoomer I had asked for the Ryzen 9 5950X for the same reason you mentioned above. However Lenovo who will supply the computer only has the Threadripper chips as part of their workstation lineup. Since it is a company computer they want the brand name support. If it was my own computer I would go for the Ryzen chip and 3080ti graphics card.
  8. I created a model in Vectorworks and rendered it in Twinmotion for a project in our office. It turned out nicely and the partners were happy with the result. Unfortunately my current office computer has nowhere near the power of my personnel home computer I built a couple of years ago. This meant that I would work on the model at the office then go home to do the rendering in TM. They now have decided to purchase a new office computer for me. Below are the specs. I was pushing to get the 3080ti, but that pushed it past the budget they could approve. Since I only have a few years till retirement, I'm thinking this should last me.
  9. @PatStanford The wall add feature has been available for quite a few releases. @Shortnort I think the add wall end cap may not be working for you in this case because you have a T-Join between the 2 walls. Can you post a drawing with the two walls and doors.
  10. You can do this with the Wall End Cap Tool using the Add Mode
  11. Here is and image of a building addition we are proposing. My Twinmotion skills are very much in the beginner phase but the time it took to produce this images in Twinmotion was a fraction of the time it would take inside of Vectorworks. The directlink tool was great because I could make model changes in VW and just send the update directly to Twinmotion. Sometimes it was so fast the update was done before I could switch screens between the two softwares. The one issue I did have was that for any plug-in objects like walls, windows, doors the materials would reset to the ones in VW and I would have to change them again. I'm really struggling though to get a good look to the reflecting pond waterfall. I'm thinking I might need to brush up on my Photoshop skills and touch it up there.
  12. We have our project share file on the server and working files on local computer. This runs much faster. We also had a spare server which we dedicated to Vectorworks project files only. This really sped things up for us as we were not sharing the server with other people. Every Friday and sometimes twice a week I make sure everyone has done a save and commit then I turn the project file into a regular VW file and save it as a progress backup I then make a new project file for everyone to work on. I find creating a fresh project file every 3 to 5 days also speeds everything up.
  13. @Frank Brault So how do you assign a different unit to a specific dimension? Other than dual dimensions I can't see a way to edit a single dimension to show an alternate unit. So say I have my units set to feet and inches, alternate units to mm, put I want the dimensions on the Site plan to show in M, how do I do that?
  14. @gjw1980 post a VW file of your section of wall with the window and I will take a look. If you opened the file I sent, you can look at the individual pieces I used to create the window, that might help you.
  15. Try making two corner windows using the window tool and under the type set it to opening or cased opening. Then place your symbol in the opening. You can also just make a corner window with the window tool and use the PIO parameters to make a window as close to what you want then model any missing elements you need.
  16. @Snaedis Learning to use the 3d modelling tools in VW and combining them with the push/pull function in the tool set will give you a Sketchup like experience. I think it is even better than Sketchup. I've been using it more and more in my work for massing out buildings. Add in the roof tools and you can block out a building in a very short time.
  17. @gjw1980 Attached find the file saved as VW2021. Splayed Window v2021.vwx
  18. I find this option works for me pretty well.
  19. I have the same issue all the time. It will work for a while then the program gets stuck on one file. The only solution I've found so far is to close VW and restart it.
  20. Here is my go at this. Used two wall recesses and set the window into the opening. I had to set the window opening wall recess to non plot class to turn off unwanted components. I've attached the file if you want to check it out. This only took about 5 minutes so not too complex. Splayed Window.vwx
  21. When I have a complex roof I start with the Create roof tool and a basic shape of the roof. Then I ungroup the roof, this converts the roof to roof faces. I then edit the boundary of the individual roof faces as needed.
  22. You can do it with the curtain wall tool and a curtain wall doors. Door.vwx
  23. There is a simple way to do this. -Go to a front view of your curtain wall. -In the building shell tool set select the Edit Curtain wall tool. -In the options bar chose the Select frames mode -Select all your vertical frames, then right click. At the bottom of the list is an option to distribute frames, select this and it will equally distribute the frames.
  24. Here in Victoria BC where I live. The electronic seal has to be placed on the PDF document and is connected to a verification program. So if you submit your documents to the city electronically they can verify it is actually your seal. If you submit hard copies they will only accept signed originals, no copies or printed seals.
  25. Simply select the window and set the text size from the Menu Bar drop down Text>Size
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