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  1. TomKen

    Glass in hidden lines

    With the curtain wall edit tool select the edit panels button select the panels and right click on it to access the edit panel dialog, make sure the panel has a texture assigned to it.
  2. TomKen

    Is Energos dead ???

    I'm also in BC. I looked was looking at Energos but couldn't figure out how I could translate that information into something useful like ashrae, or NECB.
  3. We use project sharing in our office all the time. 2-3 to three users seems o.k. . Place your regular Vectorworks file onto your server. Then open the file from the server, under the file drop down open project sharing and follow prompts. This will change the regular .vwx file on the server into a .vwxp project sharing file, and change the file you have open into .vwxw file (user file). it will have your computer name appended to the end of the file name. Each person who wants to work on the project will open the file from the server and it will automatically generate a worker file for them. These are some of the things I've learned. - don't wait all day to save and commit your changes, do it several times a day otherwise the program is keeping track of too many things. - only one person can save and commit at a time and while doing so other workers can't sign out objects. So co-ordinate regular save times with other users and check with them when you are about to commit. -at least once a week have all the users save and commit all there changes. Once this is done and all the changes are refreshed to your file do a "save a copy as" a regular .vwx file. Then go through the process of making a project file again. The reason I do this is because VW is keeping a log of all the changes and this can get quite long. So I have found that starting with a fresh file at least once a week speeds things up. In our office I end every Friday once the other users are done for the day going through these steps. That way Monday morning starts with fresh project file. (I also sequentially number these project files, besides our server backups I can go back to files in one week increments which comes in Handy when people change their minds and you need to retrieve something you did several weeks back.) Overall project sharing although sometimes glitchy has been positive for us. Good Luck
  4. TomKen

    Walls to Roof Component Join

    I usually draw my walls, then my roof, then use the AEC fit walls to objects command. That will fit the walls to the underside of the roof object. Next I select the walls and in the OIP I add a top offset to the components that I want to raise up to the roof sheathing. One of the things I like about the last few releases of VW is the ability to adjust the wall component offsets of individual walls, even if they are a styled wall.
  5. TomKen

    Clerestory Window Issue

    I've had this happen as well. I dragged the door out of the wall and back in again and it corrected itself.
  6. TomKen

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    I just finished doing a room finish schedule. I found an easy way for me was to attach a record to the Room Name Tag. That way I could control what fields I wanted and how to name them. The best part it also works as a two way schedule, so I can enter from the Object Info pallet or from the worksheet. Also I noticed that I can use the eyedropper tool to paste record information from one room tag to another, some if rooms have the same finishes I don't have to input the information again.
  7. TomKen

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    Stairs can be very complex items, I would be happy even if I model my stairs then tell Vectorworks that this is a stair object and have it show up on the first floor and second floor the same way the stair tool does it now, and have control over how it displays on the first floor and second floor.
  8. For elevations I turn off all the classes of objects that are inside the building, plumbing fixtures, millwork, walls interior etc. Also when I know my elevation has become static I sometimes generate a PDF of the elevation and then paste that back onto a sheet layer, that way I don't have to regenerate viewports.
  9. TomKen

    Lumion Ingratiation is Amazing

    I did some nice video and images in the previous trial version of Lumion. I was very pleased with the outcome alas I find it hard to justify the price tag of the software.
  10. TomKen

    Snap Point Hierarchy

    Instead of zooming in and out hit the 'Z' key and you will get temporary magnification window wherever you cursor is located.
  11. I downloaded Twinmotion last night and started playing around with it. I exported to C4D from Vectorworks and that seemed to work fine. I think I'l be able to figure the program out by playing around but it would be nice to find and in depth getting tutorial on how to use the program.
  12. TomKen

    Web viewer

    I use it all the time. Just wish I could get rid of the cloudy blue sky background.
  13. TomKen

    Is there something like dynamic blocks in Vectorworks

    I think a simple way to achieve what you want is to use the the Data Tag Tool in Vectorworks 2019. In the attached image I modified one of the data tags, The PL in the box is fixed and when you click on it you can add whatever text you want to appear on left.
  14. TomKen

    Elevation Linework Poor Quality!?

    Set the background render to OpenGL, under background render setting set uncheck draw lines. Set the foreground render to hidden line. Increasing the DPI on the sheet will improve the line work as well.
  15. TomKen

    Elevation Linework Poor Quality!?

    Is your viewport render mode set to Open GL?


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