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  1. Generally use VW10.5 with Mac OS 10.2.8. When I try to open VW10.5 in Classic mode I get a dialogue box telling me there is no dongle attached and VW will quit. I want to use VW in classic mode (OS 9.2) for printing. Any advice? Thanks
  2. Have been using OSX for some months with Epson Photo1290. Previously under OS9 and before I ahd no problems with printing I could print a full A3 drawing with no borders. Under OSX I have fewer options and what I see in the preview is not what is printed - the mrgins are much wider and I cannot print without margins - guess this is a OSX problem rather than VW - but I just wonder whether anyone has had the same problem and has found an answer? A few months ago I found a useful document regarding the creation of pdfs - OSX versus Acrobat together with detail of how to create pdf with a virtual printer. I cannot locate this article or message - can anyone assist. Many Thanks
  3. Hi, I don't know what I have done inadvertantly, but I must have used a keyboard combination that has changed something. As a result I cannot : shift select nor marquee select press shift to constrain a line direction nor shift to constrain a line or object alteration. Hope you can help. Regards jimbo VW 10.5 Mac 10.2.8 G4 Ti Ram 512


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