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  1. Many thanks for your posts and videos digitalcarbon!...It's very helpful, and I agree with what you are saying.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Phil. The Viewports and multiple layers are a nice feature in Vectorworks!
  3. Hi Digitalcarbon, If you would be so kind, can you please expand a bit further on the advantages you realize in Vectorworks for site Design, and why Onshape (Solidworks) would be such a terrible option for this task?
  4. Hi Phil, Do you,( or you and your staff) do both the Designing and engineering detail drawings in the same Vectorworks file, or do the engineers re-draw in a different cad program such as solidworks?
  5. Hello Everyone, I work for a company that designs custom tradeshow displays. Typical elements include custom signs, wood cabinetry, metal framework welding, and printed fabrics. We do much of the manufacturing in our facility, and we also work with local manufacturing vendors. We are using Vectorworks when the designers need the fastest means to create customer designs and revision ideas as quickly as possible. We are using Solidworks to do the production detail drawings, if / when the design turns into a sold project. There have been passionate internal discussions to stop drawing and re-drawing in (2) different CAD programs, and to choose only (1) CAD platform to do both creative design and the production engineering drawings. The creative Designers prefer using Vectorworks, as they like to use the multiple layers for options and notations. They also enjoy how fluid the Design process is in Vectorworks, using groupings and mirroring features, etc. without the need for engineering "hard mates" and defining relations. The Production engineers prefer using Solidworks to create accurate production details, as the "hard mates" assist them in creating accurate component drawings for CNC programming. At this time, I am of the opinion to use both CAD platforms, as each has it's advantages. But if I had to choose (1), I think it's most important to output creative Designs to the customer as quickly as possible sell our design in a competitive market, so I would choose Vectorworks. If any of you have ever been involved in a similar scenario decision, I would really appreciate any experience and advice you can share. Many thanks in advance, and Happy New Year! Arden-


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