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  1. Yes, this is what I have set up. Maybe i'm misappropriating my frustration with the amount of clicking that VW requires on this element. I remember reading a request on the wishlist that VW should hire someone who's specific role was to reduce the amount of clicking required!
  2. I would also like to know this. With the below update from Dave Donley, i've come back to take a look at VCS, As a practice, we have all our documents on GoogleDrive. For big projects that require project sharing, this is obviously an issue. A workaround for this is to have a free dropbox account, but this adds a bit more friction, spreads files out across multiple services and is very annoying when you bump up against the free limit. Is there a way for VCS to access GoogleDrive Shared Drives and then administer the project sharing?
  3. I agree, this functionality is already present in the 'tape measure tool' that automatically adjusts to viewport scale when you use it on a viewport. Adding this to dimensions would be great to cut down on clicks as you suggest.
  4. @zoomer I hope so, when I saw Juan wrote that the first teaser/new format teaser was coming at the end of August, system requirements wasn't what I had in mind!
  5. After a few years of this option remaining on, it has suddenly decided to be set to off - every morning it catches me out and I have to turn it on again. How can I save this as a preference? I am running VW 2021 SP4
  6. I saw on another thread that they are not doing Teaser Tuesdays this year and doing something different instead Edit: @JuanP wrote it here - Any idea when those videos are likely to come out, Juan?
  7. This would be very helpful. As we add more data to components to use systems like Energos or @Luka Stefanovic's new embodied carbon calculator it would save a huge amount of time to have something like this. As people have pointed out, it mimics how things are actually built - by assembling products. I don't know how it would be incorporated but perhaps there could be an option within materials to lock attributes such as thickness, thermal resistance etc. so in effect you could create a product such as a 100mm insulation board, 102.5mm brick or 18mm plywood etc.
  8. Export it to excel/googlesheets sadly - much easier to control formatting and scale it to fit on the paper size of choice. If you have a lot of entries, such that the work sheet would go to two pages, Vectorworks doesn't easily handle splitting it across multiple pages. Excel and others do this without effort.
  9. Well done, @Luka Stefanovic - looking forward to giving it a try!
  10. Yes, in the screenshot the "Location" column is the column with the formula "=GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ" I think I found this out after some deep forum searching myself, it's a shame this isn't better publicised by VW - often the solutions are there but just not obvious!
  11. Unless i've misunderstood, I think you can do what you ask with "=GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ" in a worksheet. See attached file, you need to be using spaces for your rooms but it seems to work ok.GetSpaceNameFromObj.vwx
  12. People seem to have good results running 8GB and 16GB but VW employees wrote that 8GB felt entry level. I believe @zoomer is using VW on a 16GB mac mini and would be worth speaking to
  13. I still have this problem when I select the 'most recent issue' button. Running VW2021 SP3.1 on MacOS Big Sur. Even if I sort by name or sheet number, when issuing one merged file of all the sheets, the order reverses again when I select 'Publish': Screen Recording 2021-04-22 at 11.22.59.mp4
  14. I'm on Mac and use Alfred (https://www.alfredapp.com/) for many things, but one very handy feature is snippets where by you can type a string of characters and they auto complete to something frequently used like your email address, the current date etc. I use the current date snippet a lot when exporting drawings so that my files are sorted by date. Of late this feature has stopped working (perhaps just in VW21/Big Sur) when I export pdfs (or publish) through vectorworks and I try to create a new folder to save drawings into. I also cannot use other main shortcuts such as cmd+A to select all text if I make a mistake or something. Is anyone else experiencing this? Video attached that helps explain. "// rdt" - reverse date, should autocomplete to "2021 04 15" today. Screen Recording 2021-04-15 at 10.18.11.mov
  15. @Matt Overton yes exactly the same thing as us. Being able to select which doors/windows to open is key as often you would like to glimpse through to a space like a living room that is exciting, whilst keeping a bathroom or utility room behind a closed door.
  16. https://www.macrumors.com/2021/04/13/maxon-redshift-now-available-macos/
  17. I thought about this, but other than it being risky as Inikolova suggests I work in an office where people do not understand what an alias is and simply will not use it. Whilst the cloud processing of VCS is cool, we do not use it as we don't do big renders in VW - perhaps that will change with forthcoming 3rd party options. Even then though, it seems like it only becomes quicker to do it this way when you have a big batch of renders to do (or one very detailed one over 10 minutes or so) which again is rare for us. What would be more helpful is if the power of the local computer could be supplemented by cloud rendering when we want to update all viewports in a document, for example to update all the sheets after a period of working in design layers.
  18. This would still be great in 2021 unless already implemented?
  19. Certainly working on some form of spreadsheet functionality would be much appreciated if it could be implemented to worksheets as well
  20. I don't think a company like ours would ever consider hosting everything on VCS so I think working with other systems is the right approach. We are too tied up in google docs, gmail, gcal etc. That said, if Google were to implement delta sync we would just stick with google and use project sharing straight of our shared drives and VWs efforts on this would be wasted, at least for us anyway, as we don't use cloud services at all currently. It's a very difficult problem to solve, so I don't envy you @inikolova! p.s. I'm a big fan of Notion but didn't know about Anytype - thanks for the tip @Christiaan
  21. Thanks for the replies. Perhaps this is more at a technical level rather than a usability level but it would be useful for us to have this work on shared drives. Our office 'server' is hosted entirely on shared google drives. It would be great if .vwxp project files could remain on the shared drive so that anyone can access and work on them. It seems that now users will have to copy files they want to be project sharing files to their "My Drive" google drive, and then share it with colleagues who they want to work on the file with. Just my thoughts/feedback but perhaps there are reasons unknown to me why this is not a good idea. What would be easier for everyone is if GoogleDrive would implement delta sync and LAN sync!
  22. This new feature looks quite cool. Is this a way to do project sharing without using dropbox, project sharing server, or other compatible platforms? As googledrive users, this is great news! We have been using free dropbox accounts as a workaround in the pandemic. With googledrive integration for VW Cloud Services this could be really useful, but it doesn't appear that Cloud Services can access "Shared Drives" in google drive (i.e. a company 'server') only a users personal drive. Is this correct? I had long thought Vectorworks should host project sharing files themselves rather than dropbox or other platforms so this looks great!
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