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  1. I've been scripting for a while now. I have a collection of 40 or so plugins. I could not get on with out them. I have just upgraded to VW12, which prompted a review of all my code. It is interesting to reflect on how I stuctured my code early on and how much more efficent my newer plug ins are. I still feel like I am only an intermediate scripter. I read this forum often and I think I am missing some important parts to my code. All my code is based on MM units, not global. I am aware of the use of ISNEWCUSTOMOBJECT and GETCUSTOMOBJECTINFO, but have not used them. I'm guessing that these are a couple of components that would reapear in many Plug-Ins, so wondering if people have a Plug-in Template. I susspect a few out there do and hoping you will share it with us and perhaps outline what the functions do. I suspect that many people have different templates so it would be really good to see a few to compare. Cheers.
  2. I guess it is quite similar to the resource browser. Having used VW for 4 years now, my library is quite full. I have organised all the symbols into folders. But I do find my self wading through the symbols searching. I can see benefit in having a PIO that references a file and lists them in a pull down menu. One drop down menu will list the available basins. (our symbol library has over 15) Maintaining a separate folder allows for addition of items. Then another drop down that would have plan, front elevation, side elevation. One step further would be to reference multiple files, say one with basins, another taps, third waste traps. The single PIO can build up and draw the plumbing components. Allowing for very quick substitutes, when clients change their minds. Justin.
  3. Befor jumping into this one my self. I'm sure someone out there has scripted this already. Our symbol library continues to grow with items like vanity basins. It would be useful to have an external file housing the symbols. A PIO can references the selected file and lists the symbols in a pull down menu. Eaisly allowing for changing of symbols. The external file can then continue to be updated. Has anyone a PIO like this already?.
  4. We Run OS 10.3.9 VW 11.5 Overlay layers do not print as they should on our Cannon S6300 We are looking to replace our printer with a new A3 colour inkjet printer. Can any please recomend one that will print Overlay Layers?.
  5. So that we can network our MACs OS10.3.9 to a wide format HP printer sitting on a windows based network.
  6. My network tech guy wants to know if there is a 'post script A1 print driver' avialable for vectorwors.
  7. I use a plugin developed by OZcad for the batch print. It has an intergrated title block and document transmittal worksheet, both very usefull. I tried laying out as per Atari, but this lacked flexibilty to add and remove areas to be printed. I'm on mac so the workspace Macro won't wok. Thanks for your help. Please add to wishlist, PDF batch printer.
  8. Has any one got a script that batch prints all the sheet layers to PDF. Using the batch print dialog box ends up renaming each sheet as the same PDF hence replacing the last PDF. How would you get the string of the sheet name to be the name of the PDF through the print dialog window?.
  9. Simple request yet can't get to work. I have a simple Grid line marker. Graphically it consists of a circle with a bit of text eg: "x1" I'm using a pop up menu for scale; 5,10,25,50,100,200. to adjust the size of the circle and the text. The idea is that I can work on my building sections at layer scale of 10 to see the details, while using a viewport of scale 1-50. to print sections. Hence PIO will controll the correct scale apearance of the Grid Buble for the viewport independent of the scale of drawing. I have no problem in scaling the circle however I can't get the text to stay constant. When I insert the PIO on layers of different scales the text size changes in relation to the circle size. Im using settextsize(lnewobj,0,5,2mm*scale); I'm guessing that settextsize references the layer the object is on to figure out how big 2mm is. Any one know a way arround this?.
  10. Can the backup folder be selected or is it defult to where the orignal is
  11. How does the Autosave work. If I use 'save to separate file in backup folder' selected. Will the file also autosave the original every 5mins?. or will it just autosave the back up?. When I use File Save while working on a document will it save to the original or the backup?. Is the autosave file closed after each save, such that if slave computer falls of the network it will not think its open?.
  12. OS 10.3.3 I have not run dis first aid? What is disk first Aid and where is it on my computer?. We have had another file corrupted today. I read somewhere something about printers incompatability causing damage. We use a cannon s6300 any known problems with that?.
  13. I've posted this before and read other coruting posts since. I have not changed the way I use vectorworks between VW 11 and VW 9.5 so it a new problem to me. I will take more care in closing properly from now on. (no red window screen buttons) The message I get when I try to open is "This is an unrecognized file. It may be a Vectorworks file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old MiniCAD file, it may have been created bu another application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error." Running 0SX 10.3 on both host server (G4 iMac 1ghz 768mb) and Laptop G4 1ghz 768)
  14. VW seems to be corrupting my files often. Never had the trouble with VW 9.5 I have an important document that went down today. Is there any way I can try to recover the document?.
  15. I'm two days into using VW11, we have a basic network in our office. Two imacs & a laptop. One imac stores all job files. All running OSX-10.3 Yesterday unpluged the laptop to take home, did not close file on network. When I woke the laptop up at home I saved the file to the desktop. This morning back in the office I could not open the orignal file saved on the network. Error message saying file is still open?. I then restarted network. Luckly the host file could be opened. Does VW11 track to see if files are open? The copy I saved to the desktop somehow is now corrupt?. Not the best start to VW11, network file required network computer to be restarted to be able to open. and the File Saved to desktop is corrupted!. G4 1ghz 768mb OSX10.3
  16. New Batch print in v11 is good. When printing to PDF, it would be good if the PDF was the name of the saved view rather than the file. Then a quick PDF set can be created.
  17. Good to have a Batch print to PDF so that PDF name is the name of the sheet.
  18. Thinking of upgrading to OSX 10.3, is anyone running VW 9.5 on osx10.3 is there any known problems with this?.
  19. Thinking of getting osx10.3, has anyone tested or know of any compatibility issues?
  20. I can't get the trasparent layers to print on our Cannon S6300 printer. VW 9.5.3 OS 10.2.8 Anyone know how too?.
  21. We use overlays for shadows. They used to print on our epson Photo 1200 but won't now on either the Epson Stylus Photo 820 or HP s6300 Can anyone help us get these layers to print?.
  22. I want my drawing title PIO to always be the same place on the page. obviously I need to adjust for drawing scale, which is no problem, but how do can I set it so that the object is at an exact point on the page?.
  23. I've created the dialog fine but: How do i add chioces to the menu? Is there a way of making a reference file that contians the choices for the pulldownmenu?
  24. I want to set up a script to automate the setting up of the drawing pages. I have my own plug for the drawing title. I see from exporting a script how to set the feild values of the PIO but how do I insert the plugin to start with?.
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