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  1. Thanks Travis on your recommendation of Jonathan's manuals. Yes, I think your right software doesn?t teach how to be an architect. I hope I didn?t get misunderstood, I?ve drawn quite a bit but haven?t had an architect software cad program since the 1990?s. I went the mechanical engineering route instead but always missed drawing homes. I also worked my way thru college working for my Dad?s construction company. It was my assumption that programs have progress to the point that allows creativity as well as systemic approaches to not leave out any of the details for simpler drawings. To comment further about the perfect world, I agree it would be good to have architects that create the plans to be hands on for a few years, but that won?t happen, not in the academic world it has to happen in the Architect firms with good apprentice programs. I rambled on long enough. FYI: I did complete the manual by Louis Smith and Ray Massaccesi called Vectorworks by Project, its not bad but has several mistakes that can lead you astray if your not careful.
  2. Thanks for the info. Let me ask you Archoncad does your manuals show how to make detail drawings for houses? That is my ultimate goal, to have detail drawings I can hand off to the contractor. I'm not so worried about wiring, but plumbing and air ducts, foundations (slab with footings) etc. But I'm sure wherever you go a std set of drawings doesnt change much for you basic house. I guess that is the usual stuff but I dont see a systamatic approach in the most of the manuals I've seen. Thanks for listening. Marke
  3. Hi I'm new to Architect and find it extremely fun to use, but I'm finding that I dont want to learn completely from trail and error. Therefore, I'm trying to find a course that is offered at a local school. I'm living in the San Francisco bay area. Now I have been to the Nemeschek web site and saw listings of schools but when I checked the list needed some updating or possilby that was not the intention of the list. I'm not interested in a 2 day seminar due to its cost. Any help appricated. Thanks
  4. I'm new Vectorworks Architect user. I'm looking for a course at a local school, bay area anywhere. I've looked at the Nemetschek web site but the school list is not current. Any help appreciated. Thanks [ 02-20-2005, 03:02 PM: Message edited by: marke ]
  5. I'm trying to reinstall 9.0 on a newly installed MAC OS X Jaguar. It will open the CD but after you hit the install button it wants to look for classic OS. I dont have classic installed any longer. Do I have to install from a 9.5 or higher CD?


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