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  1. hi henry thanks for you message. IT WORKS! our customer has the full speed of vectorworks 11.5 since he reset the vectorworks preferences. you wrote, that if you do any new adjustments vw will slow down again. which "option" do you change? kind regards, marc
  2. hi kiwi, hi psychofish do you work in a network? do you have a special "system" to get access to the network? do have a anti-virus-software oder internet-security-software? it must be something with the configuration, because our customer has the problem not with all computers. and in our office all of the windows computers doesn't have this speedproblems. kind regards, marc p.s. note for jan15: first step: ...in some cases faster than ac.... second step: ....as fast as ac.... third step:....faster than ac.... let's do step by step :-)
  3. hi board-members the speed is not a generally problem. we have new acer computers with 11.5 and they are really very fast! in some cases faster than ac :-) the problem exist only on computers with this configuration: dell precision 340, 1,8 ghz, 512 mb ram, nvidia quadro2 64mb with win2000/sp4, office xp, adobe creative suite and norton internet security. the driver of the graphiccard has the version 71.84. quicktime is 6.5.1. has any one the same computer or the same graphiccard? i would like to know, if there could be a problem between vw11.5 and nvidia quadro2 kind regards, marc
  4. hi psychofish i know a office with three computers vw11.5 and the same problem. all shortcuts are very slow. on the same computers 11.0 works fine. example: ctrl+m in 11.5 -> 3sec. ctrl+m in 11.0 -> <1sec. -> as testfile we took a new, empty document with a rectangle which kind of pc do you use? which kind of graphiccard do you use? our customer use a dell precision 340, 1,8 ghz, 512 mb ram, nvidia quadro2 64mb with win2000/sp4, office xp, adobe creative suite and norton internet security. the driver of the graphiccard has the version 71.84. quicktime is 6.5.1. perhaps you have the same or a similiar configuration? please let us know, if you see any similar hardware/software "peaces". kind regards, marc
  5. hi nna one more option in the image transparency dialog would be very nice: - a checkbox if the image transparency should repeat horizontal/vertical -> the same option like we have in the edit image color dialog. greetings, marc
  6. hi nna it would be nice to have the following possibility: 1. draw a rectangle 2. take the command "duplicate array" 3. choose "offest" and "next mouse click" 4. leave the window with ok 5. if you click with the mouse it takes always the center of the object(rectangle). it would be great to make two clicks. the first on the original object (ex. bottom left), and the second at the new position. if you only make one duplicat its easy to do it with the alt-key. but for ex. 30 object its not very fast
  7. hi nna one more wish for 11 or 12: the possibility to make new dash styles precis. with a "panel" to write the exact figure of the line and the opening. greetings, marc
  8. hi nna, one wish more for 11 or 12 ;-)) if you take the trim tool it would be very nice, if you can push the alt-key and VW will trim to the active object. if no object is active it should work like it works at the moment: trim to the next intersection. greetings from switzerland! marc wittwer
  9. hi nna, i think the following wishes would be nice for a lot of users: - possibility to change the spread of the field "class name" (organize ->classes). if you have long classnames you couldn't see the end of the name - possibility to sort by colors, visibilty, name, use, .... thanks to put it on the wishlist! greetings from switzerland, marc wittwer
  10. hi katie, thanks for your answer! greetings, marc
  11. hi katie, hi forum i have a costumer with the same problem as jb. do you know at the moment any solution for the "-51...." message? our costumer has VW 9.5.3 / OS X 10.2.4 / Win2000 Server. the problem exist only on one computer. saving to the local machine and copying on the server works properly. the user has the same permissions like the other users on the other computers. could it be a problem on the local machine or a problem on the win2000 server? thanks for any solutions!!!!! greetings from switzerland marc wittwer
  12. hi nna, thanks for changing the "classattributes" by grouping objects! i saw, that the group becom the class of the objects (if the objects are in the same class). this feature is really great and i'm happy to have it. with this feature my daily work with VW is really more faster than in the 9.x thanks again for this feature! greetings, marc
  13. hi jeff, thanks for your answer. if the script is written with "GetObjectVariableReal" then the result ist "correct". the result must be multiply with 0.0567 to have the textdimension in points. do you know why it must multiply with this digit? another question: could it be possible, that "SetObjectVariableReal" is shown in a messeagedialog on the screen? thanks for this great tech board! greetings, marc here's the script: Procedure VariableLesen; ? CONST ?Selector = 17; ? VAR ?OldFSize:Real; ?FirstSelHd : Handle; ? BEGIN ? FirstSelHd := FSActLayer; OldFSize := GetObjectVariableReal(FirstSelHd, Selector); Message (OldFSize); ? END; ? RUN(VariableLesen);
  14. hi nna, could you tell me, why the following script don't show me the text size of the dimension. where is my "error". or is it a bug in the call? thanks for your answer! the script: Procedure VariableLesen; ? CONST ?Selector = 17; ? VAR ?OldFSize:Integer; ?FirstSelHd : Handle; ? BEGIN ? FirstSelHd := FSActLayer; OldFSize := GetObjectVariableInt(FirstSelHd, Selector); Message (OldFSize); ? END; ? RUN(VariableLesen);
  15. hi nna, i have the two wishes: - it should be possible to know which "saved sheet" is active. like it shows it by "standard views". - with the "2d reshape tool" it's not possible to make a "rectangle" around walls if at the beginning point is a solid area. hope you understand my wishes.....if not, just ask me greetings, marc
  16. hi nna, thanks for vw10! i think you have really worked hard for all the great features.....good work here are a few wishes for the future (perhaps vw11) subject the ressource browser and vectorscripts: - it would be really nice, if it could be possible to move scripts, hatches,.... in folders. like it is possible with symbols - new "custom selection scripts" could be saved in a defined folder/palette. at the moment it's necessary to move the script after it was create. - if i would import a symbolfolder in a document where the same folder just exist, it should be ask me: replace or rename. like it works with singel sybols. thanks to put it on the wishlist... greetings, marc
  17. i forgot one wish i would be nice if it were possible to draw cables with a height (with a worksheet). i think this would be a feature for spotlight. greetings, marc
  18. hello nna, thanks for VW10! for me, there a really big features in the new VW10 befor you go on vacances here are my wishes for VW11: - 3d-floatin edges - 3d-dimensions - multi window (sideview, upperview,... on the same scrrren) - viewports, for construction documents very importent hope to see the one or the other in the VW11 greetings, marc
  19. hello forum, i can't understand the discussion about mac os x! why should nna take a lot of time to fix bugs from the operatingsystem os x? i work with mac os 9.2.2 and i have really fun to work with VectorWorks. i will update to mac os x if they could give me a operatingsystem that is stably and reliably. at the moment from my view this is not available. sorry, for all mac os x freaks.... regards, marc
  20. hi forum, thanks for the answers....i hope that nna will make a viewer for old documents. could anyone from nna write something about this question? is it planed? is it a technical problem? is it a problem of manpower (at the moment)? thanks for a answer.... greetings, marc wittwer
  21. hi nna, i think it would be a really great feature, if you can make a viewer for mc5 oder older documents. a viewer like the vw9 viewer. without serialnumber, without a lot of functions. i think it must be only necessary to save under a new name (and a new version ).what do you think? is that possible for vw10?perhaps you can take the mc7 oder vw8 and make from this version a viewer. greetins from switzerland, marc
  22. hello together, at a costumer of us, we had the same problem. it was definitly the "RenderWorks Library"after delet the "RenderWorks Library" and reinstall it, VectorWorks and RenderWorks start normally. thanks for this forum! greetings from switzerland


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