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  1. Hi yes I was given some instructions on deleting a couple of files If you send me your email I'll forward the email chain with what to do.
  2. Going through the training videos, to refresh my memory and maybe pick up some tips I have forgotten, but when I get to the Lightingposition devices and label legend and use the Align and Distribute tool my VW Spotlight 2018 stops working. The other fun part is none of my recently opened files show in the "open recent" when I restart. Anyone have an idea what may be causing this?
  3. Hello Jim, Attached is the DirectX info file DxDiag.txt
  4. Just upgraded to Spotlight 2018 and started to create a new venue drawing today. But when I go to view in any of the 3d views nothing is drawn. If I zoom in or out with the mouse wheel, the wireframe pops up for a split second, so it is there, but then goes away. I spent a couple of o=hours on the forums, and videos, tried a bunch of different settings but have had no luck, I know I am probably missing something really simple and will feel silly when I find out. Thanks in advance!
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