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  1. We've seen that also. Try opening your viewport and selecting all the reference notes. Then go to the object info palette and change the Keynote Legend to default. When you close the viewport all the legend notes should be back to normal.
  2. I have several details in one file. The details are drawn at different scales, and have layers with different scales. For example I have a layer called 3" scale details, and another layer called 1 1/2" scale details, and corresponding details on each layer. I have all of the classes turned on, and all of the layers turned on. Each of the layers is set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others". However I cannot see the objects on layers with a different scales. I have other files where I can see all the different layers even though they are set at different scales. Do not know that the difference is in the settings. So what settings do I need to change to be able to view all the layers with different scale settings?
  3. We constantly are wishing for columns in the General Note tool. Also wish you could tab, use font characteristics like bold or italic, sub numbering, and tables like in work sheets. When we do code references there is always a need for tables and faking it is a pain.
  4. We would all love if you could lock the Basic and Tool Sets palettes. One of the most common groans in the office are when someone accidently closes a palette or drags it off the menu bar. Such a pain!
  5. Callouts generate a reference list that is vertical. Is there any way to get the notes to break up so you could put them in blocks horizontally? For instance, notes 1 thru 16 then a move to the right and notes 17 thru 30. Sometimes a drawing takes up most of the horizontal portion of the sheet so notes have to go below and run horizontal. A second question is, can you have more then one set of notes on a sheet? Sometimes I'll have multiple plans on a sheet and I like the reference notes to have a different start number to differentiate between the notes for each plan. I'm fairly new at this so I'm still stumbling around in the dark!
  6. I'm with you Digitalmechanics, I actually generate my elevations off of the rough section and then generate finished sections and details from that. I'll have the sections showing alongside of the elevations and then pull viewports off of the rough sections for my details. That way, like you said, I can figure out why parts of the elevations are where they are down the road and also change the elevations to refect detail changes.
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