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  1. Thank you very much for this suggestion! I was using Symbol mode. The Symbols are easily duplicated into the Generic Catalog, and saving them with their own name. Populating was almost instantaneous. And the file size was reduced by 300%!
  2. The Audio Array tool in Spotlight is very useful, but also very difficult to work with on complex arrays. Processing time on the CPU for a single array with 3 types of boxes can take 10 minutes or more, with the entire program being unusable during that period. GPU is not enabled for this, even if modified in Shaded mode.
  3. Does it register the bumper? Try to re-populate the array (or update) in the OIP after changing the trim height of the system. I believe the array boxes will stay at their previous elevation until you update the entire array.
  4. What type of truss/corner block? There is a cross-section error on some corner blocks. JustinVH can elaborate.
  5. https://egpu.io/how-to-egpu-accelerated-internal-display-macos/
  6. Lighting Symbol Maintenance.... Double click on the fixture you want to rename Edit Model Name and Type Go back to your Symbol Key and rebuild the list with the new Fixture Model Name. Have a look at my Mac Quantum Wash in the images below. Cheers.
  7. Does the same page size limitation apply to the "Create Hoist Report" PDF function? I am attempting to use this tools to print the X/Y , but the data runs off the page and I cannot rotate to Landscape or adjust the page size via the preferences or Page Setup. Thoughts? Create Hoist X:Y .pdf
  8. Select the fixtures you want to move, then press the ~` (tilde) key and drag them to the chord you want.
  9. Is it possible to retain the Hoist ID when performing a Reset Braceworks ID's? Or display the Distro/Properties field in the label instead of Hoist ID, so the reset doesn't clear the label information? I like to use the OIP Hoist Labels that colour nicely instead of data tags. Legacy hoists functioned well in that sense. Also wondering how to copy and paste those same OIP hoist label positions. Previously we could use the eye dropper tool, and apply the label positions to other hoists. It's tedious to do it manually now. Anyone got a trick?
  10. Awesome suggestion! Here it is (probably needs some touch-ups, but it works!) Thanks
  11. Thanks Jesse, Here is my workaround: Create a symbol with the vertical truss and lights. Attach the _ATS-SpkrModata record to the symbol you just created Using the Audio Array tool, Configure Array bumper to match the spacing of your low hook rigging. Depending on the hang configuration, you may need to Rotate 90 - for side by side hoists. Select the "Speaker" symbol you just created in "Speaker A" tab Add one "Speaker" then Populate Add Hoists Calculate Profit
  12. Understood, thanks for the clarity! I’ll continue to manipulate the generic bumpers to meet my needs.
  13. What is the correct way to attach a hoist to the "extension bar" of a Generic Bumper in the Audio Array tool? With the option enabled, I can set the rigging pickup points correctly, but cannot attach a hoist to them on the extension bar. Only the area contained within the bumper Attributes area are showing connection options.
  14. Hi Jesse, Do you have a method or work around for rigging a vertical piece of truss, using 2 hoists? I'm having difficulty magnet-connecting the Tyler GT vertical frame to the truss, and it only offers one connection point anyway. I would usually Show a symbol of a Rigging Load representing the vertical truss, but that only works for a single point load. Is there a way to show a distributed load as a symbol? Or perhaps a simple horizontal pipe that can represent the truss and fixtures? Test file attached. Thanks much! Charles Vertical Truss - 2 Points.vwx
  15. Finally getting back to Vectorworks after a pandemic hiatus, and I fully agree with this statement. Really shouldn't have to write or modify VectorSctpts to restore what was a well functioning tool.
  16. Please restore the 2020 Hoist Tools to v2021 - or update the documentation to instruct on legacy work around. Simple tools like "Select All Hoists" no longer exist in 2021.
  17. Thank you for the workaround, Sam. I was a customer of yours before VW incorporated the hoist tools into the standard distro, pre-braceworks. Seems like they've created a market for you again! Guess I'll submit a feature request to restore the lost tools. Total insanity over there!
  18. How does one "Select All Hoists" in VW2021? I've re-added the legacy tool which was removed, but it does not select any hoists. Where can I read on the reasoning behind these changes?
  19. So Braceworks calculates the screen and projector correctly, but does not like the slider supports having no Allowable Force on the drop to the screen. Later in the report, the sliders are seen as a Suspension Point capable of supporting 0 lbf. Any way to enable a load on the sliders, or hide them in the report?
  20. We often hang video screens on VER-lock cable drops from trusses. My feature request is to have Braceworks incorporate the "'Screen Support>Sliders" function, and see the screen as a load a few feet below the truss. (I generally move the screen to the same elevation as the truss to force a calculation). I can also insert point loads at 50% of the screen weight, on each end then turn off screen calculation, but that adds a few steps....
  21. Makes sense. Thanks for testing. Hope to see the 'ground support' feature working eventually!
  22. Is there a workaround to get braceworks to calculate a vertical truss box? I have no trouble building the box, connecting all objects and rotating to vertical. Braceworks believes there are FEM forces on a strictly vertical load. This is using Christie Lites B-Type. Screen Frame Test.vwx
  23. I converted my CS800 hoist distro symbol to a "Accessory", where you can give it an item weight. Spotlight>Object Conversion>>Convert to Accessory Alternatively, you can create a load with the "Insert Load" tool. Once the load is created, in the OIP, click on Show Symbol and select your existing symbol. You can change the weight value and item description at the bottom (Load Name).
  24. Rob, Does the cross section file need to be updated separately, or is it part of the service pack? The Christie truss still registers as rigid, even after the SP3 update. Thanks!
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