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  1. Thank you for your help~~~ See you say " just use a text search and replace and swap all the Xs to Q, all the Ys to Xs " , this is what I want .
  2. Left is AutoCAD2017 coordinate mark tool Right is VectorWorks2017 stake tool Screenshot background is VectorWorks2017 I gat the label objects process Import single DXF/DWG → Import Options→ Location → Align with Internal Origin Can see this Next step , I use Stake tool , and mark a position , Then you can see the difference
  3. This is the coordinate of the CAD I exported DWGfile to VectorWorks After importing the file , the location is correct , but axis X,Y is opposite see the X→Y , Y→X............how i do , let Vectoeworks X→X , Y→Y...


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