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  1. Hello, I'm a long time VW user, but I'm just starting to stumble my way into scripting. I've done some tinkering with C++ on Ardunio, but otherwise I'm a coding noob. I've got a good collection of symbols I've built myself and use in drawings regularly; things like drawing labels, lighting position labels, and lineset schedules. In a very basic sense, I'd like to create a tool that allows me to edit fields on these symbols from the Shape tab of the OIP, rather than having to go over to Data. But, while I'm at it, it would be cool to build it so that several variations of a symbol are available from a drop-down menu (something like the stock Center Line Tool or North Arrow Tool where different styles can be chosen). While the available resources have given me a decent understanding of the fundamentals of VS, I'm a bit lost on creating a symbol and getting something to write values to a record. I've also been playing around with Marionette (which looks super cool) and while I've made a script that will insert a symbol, I have not been able to get values to be written to the symbol's record. I feel like this should be easier than it seems ...


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