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  1. Wow. I just tested this, and turns out that ObjectVariable Boolean 702 is indeed associated with this particular thickbox. Good to finally know the purpose of this thickbox🙂
  2. sCrit = "((INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (VSEL=TRUE)))" def setStructuralElement(obj): vs.SetObjectVariableBoolean(obj, 702, True) vs.ForEachObject(setStructuralElement, sCrit) This one sets 702 True for the selected Objectsx
  3. As said in the Title it would be handy, to use 2D shapes from symbols also when Edges are rendered in foregorund rendering. Simple an additional checkbox in the foreground-rendering settings
  4. In addition to the last Post by Tobias Kern, it would be also important to set the angle when Lines are rendered, even for the Polygone mode. Or to use 2D Views from symbols to reduce size and render times. For now the complete Polygone rendering thing is for example useless for us. If there is one object in the appropriate viewport, ist takes dozent of gigabytes in RAM and renders like 20min for one object. not useable for now, if you need to generate Polygones from 3D Objects.
  5. Then still ... Definitely something for the Wishlist !
  6. Is this case meanwhile covered with Vectorowks 2023? What are your experiences?
  7. Heys Guys, I was searching for a topic like. Found this one and an older one: In my understanding the problem is the following: First you create a shape. This shape has its own working plane so you always can easly edit it in top view even if it's not perpendicular to the ground plane. You then create an extrude from the shape(In this step the 2D Geometrie gets extruded from the groundplane up or down and then 3D rotated so it matches your current view/orientation of your 2D shape) Everytime you rotate the extrude, its attached shape and working plane gets rotated too. Those blue "normal" reshape handles you only get if your actual view it perpendicular to the working plane of the shape. --> I believe this is necessary cause Vectorworks dont know how to reshape the 2D Geomentrie if your current view is perspectively distorted. If you mirror the extrude you can only edit the shape on the originally groundplane und the outside is also unavailible. --> Maybe technicly not solved to far Would there be also blue handles if the current view is in the same direction(not rotation this seems hard to do) as the workingplane of the shape or mirroring an extrude would mirror the shape instead of the 3D Object this would already help a lot !
    Thanks you very mouch for this one ! Finally somethin dynamically 😍
  8. This one, used while in Annotations, uses the selexted Datatag and jumps to the tagged Object in yours Model and select it. import vs; objs = [] def Name(h): hLayerObj = vs.GetLayer(h) hLayerAct = vs.ActLayer() vs.AlrtDialog(vs.GetName(h)) hAss, iAssKind, iAssVal = vs.GetAssociation(h, 0) if hAss != 0: objs.append(hAss) vs.ForEachObject(Name, "((INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (VSEL=TRUE)))") if len(objs) == 1: hLayObjs1 = vs.GetLayer(objs[0]) vs.DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk', 2) #Verlasse Ergänzungen vs.Layer(vs.GetLName(hLayObjs1)) #Wechsel Ebene vs.SetPref(94, True) #Aktuivere Modellansicht vs.SetPref(14, True) #Zeige Objekte auerhalb Gruppe vs.DSelectAll() for x in objs: hParObj = vs.GetParent(x) iTypParObj = vs.GetTypeN(hParObj) if iTypParObj == 11: vs.SetSelect(hParObj) vs.DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk', 1) if iTypParObj == 15: vs.SetSelect(hParObj) vs.DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk', 1) vs.SetSelect(x) vs.DoMenuTextByName ('Fit To Objects', 0) Hope this one is helpful. Have fun, Heiko Jakob
  9. PUSH Or importing symbols per double click instead of drag and drop
  10. Hi Peter try this one attached. Called node "Mat select" in resource manager Geëxporteerd bestand Marionette extended.vwx
  11. HI, is this still the case or is it possible in the meanwhile?
  12. Could it be this is fixed ? Seems to work for me
  13. Hi, i think i got a solution. I modified the "Symbol From Folder" Script by @Antonio Landsberger to work with Materials. In my case now Materials keep the same even new ones get imported. Does it work for everyone else too ? File is attached🙂 @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( 'Materialauswahl' ) this.SetDescription( "Returns the name of a symbol chosen via selection dialog with previews of the symbols in the current document. If a folder name is given, only its content is shown." ) #OIP Controls # Holds the selected symbol name SymbolName = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Material', Marionette.WidgetType.TextStaticParam, '<None>') SymbolName.SetDescription( "Shows a dialog, where a symbold can be selected." ) Int = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Material ändern', Marionette.WidgetType.Button, 'script1', 'description') Int.SetDescription( "Shows symbol selection dialog" ) #Output Ports out = Marionette.PortOut( 'sMat' ) out.SetDescription( "Name of the chosen symbol" ) #BEHAVIOR #END class def RunNode(self): sym = self.Params.SymbolName.value #outputs self.Params.out.value = sym #END def RunNode def script1(self): self.Params.out.blocked = True def SymbolSelDialog( showall ): SetupDialogC = 12255 # Dialog open event ID CloseDialogC = 12256 # Dialog close event ID # alignment constants kRight = 1 kBottom = 2 kLeft = 3 kColumn = 4 kResize = 0 kShift = 1 # default and cancel button IDs kOK = 1 kCancel = 2 # control IDs kSymPopup = 4 def DialogHandler( item, data ): # setup of the dialog content ... if ( item == SetupDialogC ): resourceListID, numItems = vs.BuildResourceList( 97, 0, '' ) if showall: # show all symbols for cnt in range( numItems + 1 ): int = vs.InsertImagePopupResource( dialog, kSymPopup, resourceListID, cnt ) #END for else: # show only symbols in user defined symbol folder for cnt in range( numItems + 1 ): tempStr = vs.GetNameFromResourceList( resourceListID, cnt ) objH = vs.GetObject( tempStr ) parentH = vs.GetParent( objH ) if ( objH != None ) : int = vs.InsertImagePopupResource( dialog, kSymPopup, resourceListID, cnt ) #END for #END if elif ( item == kOK ): objIndex = vs.GetImagePopupSelectedItem( dialog, kSymPopup ) objName = vs.GetImagePopupObject( dialog, kSymPopup, objIndex ) # Write the selected symbol to the OIP control for script usage self.Params.SymbolName.SetValue( objName ) #END if #END def DialogHandler() dialog = vs.CreateLayout( 'Dialog', True, 'OK', 'Cancel' ) # create controls vs.CreateThumbnailPopup( dialog, kSymPopup ) # set relations vs.SetFirstLayoutItem( dialog, kSymPopup ) if ( vs.RunLayoutDialog( dialog, DialogHandler ) == 1 ): pass #END def SymbolSelDialog() SymbolListID, numSymItems = vs.BuildResourceList( 97, 0, '' ) #make list of all symbols #-- if there are no symbols at all, show error message and abort -- if ( numSymItems == 0 ): vs.AlertCritical( "There are no Materials in this document. Please add some and try again." ) elif (numSymItems > 0): SymbolSelDialog( True ) #show all Materials randomized Texture Fix Try 1.vwx
  14. Hi, is there in the meanwhile a good solution for the GetTexture problem where previously selected Textures where locked to the index of the PopupList not the Name/ID of the texture itself ? In the end the applied textures got kind of randomizes as soon as new materials got imported in the file and sorted near enough at the top of the list to affect the indexing of the list Is there a good solution for that ? See here: JH
  15. nearly 8 years later and still a major missing feature.😤 Since then they revised the resource Browser but missed that feature AGAIN !
  16. Is there already a solution to this ? Because there are situations where no dialog appears e.g. importing predifinied wallstyles incl. texture and co. by using the wall wool. 😞
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