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  1. Hi All, I'm baffled. I can no longer choose Open GL in the render mode or any rendering at all. Is it a hardware issue? Running Ryzen 5950X 3.4GHz, 64GB RAM and a Quadro P4000. Thanks in advance.
  2. Again, Projx_CA saves the day. I'm really new to this program and finding it difficult to navigate through simple features I was using in Sketch Up, but I'm determined to use this for detailed, and "everyday", designs.
  3. Projx_CA, you're a life saver! This is awesome. Quick question, I'm looking for the 18' type A curve in a vertical but I can't find it in the files. Do you have this too?
  4. Thanks, Brandon. I'll go through the help menus and see if I can figure out conversion. I thought that might be one of my problems. Rob, that's great news! AND, I'm a Service Select Customer.
  5. Hey Brandon, Thanks for the quick reply. That's the weird part, when I select a piece of truss I don't have a "Draw 3D Only" checkbox in the OIP. Really hoping to find a workaround since all of my installations use Christie truss. Or, is there a similar set of truss in the library that allows for this type of manipulation? Thanks, Rex
  6. Hi All, Newbie question here - I can connect all versions of Christie truss (downloadedx from their site directly) in the top/plan view, but I can't rotate them in 3D space. I can achieve this with other truss objects using the Hanging Angle, but I don't have that option with these objects. HELP! Thanks in advance, Rex
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