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  1. I am always double clicking. In fact, dragging works better, thanks for the hint!
  2. Hi all, In VW2022, picking a symbol from the resources grabs it at the leftmost edge, not at the symbol origin (usually center) as it was before (2021 and earlier). Usually I want to place the symbol origin at a certain position in my drawing, so I find this behaviour annoying. I have to simply drop it somewhere, click twice to release it, and then place it again. Is there any way to change this behaviour? BN
  3. If I create an object with a circular hole using subtracted extrudes, create a symbol of it, and present it in a viewport in a sheet layer, I cannot take a radial dimension of the opening. It says "A circle is required". Linear dimensions of a symbol are fine. I find this very inconvenient. Any workarounds?
  4. I need to create a simple rectangular extrude with two sides tilted by 10 degrees. Right now the only way I know how to do this is to create two wedges and then subtract them from the extrude. However, It seems more logical to me to use "chamfer edge", but this is always 45 degrees only. The option "tangent entities" might be useful (?) but I do not understand the explanation. Can someone please suggest a convenient method to do this?
  5. Ok, it seems I need to study worksheets carefully, I have never used it. Could you please share an example of what you did above? it looks like it is exactly what I need.
  6. Thanks, I will try to find out about "Materials" in 2021. I do not intend to specify the material in the title block, this spec should belong to the design object. I could actually manually enter the weight in the title block, if only I could find a way to calculate the weight of the object from volume and density. The volume and weight of object composed of complex solid subtractions is sometimes not so easy to calculate, so a function would be handy if it existed.
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to automatically calculate the weight of an object in Vectorworks, by its volume and density? Either by internal function or external script? Ideally it should be accessible as a parameter in the drawing title block, and be presented as title block data. Often, the total weight of a design is asked for, and it is a pain to do this calculation manually in e.g. excel for all the parts. BN
  8. Hi all, I am making a mechanical design of an object, and I have an instance of it as a 3d symbol in my design layer. When I do a sheet layer with viewports of the different views and do Dimensions in Viewport Annotations, "Radial Dimensions" is not working. If I select a circular object the center of the radial dimension measurement ends up in a galaxy far, far away outside the object. However, if I go back to the design layer and do "Convert to group" and then update the viewport, it works. Is this a known problem? Am I using a stupid design method, trying to maka an annotated drawing of a 3d symbol? The reason want to do it this way is that I am afraid that the 3d symbol which I am sharing between drawings might not be properly updated during the design process, due to my mistakes. If I take the measurements on the actual symbol, I can be relatively sure it is correct. If I use a "flattened" copy of it, they might be different. BN
  9. Hi! I am designing some mechanical machine elements using Vectorworks 2019 for MacOSX. To make a proper drawing for the mechanical workshop, I am requested to use the rendering option "Dashed hidden line" in the sheet viewport. However, I always get a rather poor "sketchy" render, where circles are becoming raggedy polygons instead of a nice circle. The "hidden line" options settings does not affect this at all. When using wireframe, the shape is perfect. Is there any way to correct this, or is there any other rendering option available?
  10. Now upgraded to VW2018, so for me the case is closed. BN
  11. I noticed another peculiar thing, In an old drawing, where I have a Section Viewport in a sheet layer, and do Object Info (it truly says "Section Viewport"), it WILL NOT UPDATE, the striped edge banner does not disappear when I press the "Update" button. In the same sheet layer, I have other standard Viewports of my design, not Section, and they do update normally when requested. I don't remember now which VW version I used to create the drawing.
  12. In the Workspace Editor, in Menu View, there is only "Create Viewport", no "Create Section Viewport". My license includes Fundamentals and Renderworks only. Could this be the reason?
  13. It is not there. I have read the section you refer to several times, and if the menu item does not exist it is not applicable.
  14. I am trying to follow Help to create a section viewport in VW2018. Help refers to "View/Create section viewport" but there is no such menu item. In previous VW versions there were, but not anymore. How should it be done in VW2018?
  15. Hi! I recently migrated from VW2015 to VW2018, and I found that my project history revision information disappeared from the drawing title block in the process. "Help" on revision title block management is very confusing, since there is very little connection between the help content and what I see in my VW2018 environment. For instance, the Help refers to File/Title Block Manager, and there is no such thing in my File.. menu. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get my Revision History back.
  16. I cannot answer this, I have no experience of this subject.
  17. I second this request, although very late (9 years later). I think it is a really, really annoying bug not to be able to take radial dimensions from symbols. You spend a lot of effort making a structured design using 3D symbols, and the you have to break it all to make proper drawings in the viewports. I have to use a clumsy workaround adding overlaid circles in Add Annotations in the viewport. Considering the price of this product (VW2018), I am very surprised that this is not yet fixed.
  18. I just tried to install VW2015 Professional version, which I have at home, to my university Mac at my work, where I have VW 2015 Edu. I needed the Pro at work so I could edit the designs I share with myself using Dropbox. As we know, a VW Edu document cannot be opened by VW Pro. Anyway this was the background. The install failed in the sense that it could not find the USB HASP hardware lock, I tried a lot of things but no solution. There was light in the USB dongle, so it was not a driver issue. At home I had VW 2015 already installed when I upgraded to High Sierra, and there it works, in some sense, except for the problems I reported. After a discussion with my local VW supplier about a possible solution, we agreed that this was probably the "unsupported" issue with VW2015 and High Sierra. So finally, I decided to upgrade and I now have VW2018 Edu at work and VW2018 Pro at home, and the problem is in the past. There will probably be new problems I am sure, but they will have to be dealt with as they come.
  19. Hi all, I recently upgraded my MacOS to the latest version, High Sierra. I now revisited an older VW project, and I see some unexpected things. 1) I can no longer access Edit Revision Data in the Sheet Border object, as described in the Help. Simply no such button anymore. 2) Section views in my Sheet layer are empty, only the dimensions remain. The render "update" button is red in the Object Info for the viewport, and it does not change when I press it, still red, and still no viewport content. Regular (non-section) viewports behave as they should. In the View menu, there is no longer any Create Section View, as described in Help. I refer to the Help pages, since these particular items you do not so often, and I tend to forget how to do things. This may or may not have anything at all to do with my OS upgrade, but it is still strange and not as I remember it. BN
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