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  1. @zoomer Thank you for your reply. Yes, i'm on OpenGL 'very high' setting. Clip cube design layer section viewport>top view>sheet layer viewport... Overall looks very good, it's just strange for one particular wall shadow behaving this way...
  2. I'm really pleased with the clip cube feature to create presentation plans. It was on my wish list for years. I find there are some strange issues with the shadows though. On this particular wall shadow and some other corners a 'gap' shows up for no reason. Is this a bug?
  3. Mark, I'm having the same problem with Auto Hybrids just as you've described. The 3D geometry disappears and become corrupted after I try to edit them. I'm also running 2018/SP3 and haven't found a solution yet apart from avoiding creating new hybrids...
  4. Thank you Juan, it did help a lot. All extrusions and groups are in the right place now. As you said IFC tags must be given to the objects not to the groups... Cheers!
  5. Yes all windows are inserted in walls. The issue with windows disappear when exported as 2x3 'simplified geometry' but most of our custom 3D objects are dislocated/misplaced all over the place... files attached. Solibri_test_ardee.vwx
  6. Hi, I'm having this problem using window styles with Vectorworks 2018. What is more concerning is that the same window style have different IFC outcome in Solibri. Most windows do not show their relationship with the wall... Any ideas?
    This is fantastic, Thank you Sarah! We use this type of doors all the time here in South East Asia and we miss it as a PIO. It would be good to be able to set panel thickness and jamb dimensions as different vendors have different models.
  7. ardee

    Undo issues

    This started to happen to me yesterday. I lost hours of work with one single undo. Automatic or manual saving is not saving! Other annoying behaviour also affecting my productivity like after customising a curtain wall by deleting some transoms if I change the texture the whole things go back to the original setting... Started to have problems after 2018 SP1 and project sharing.


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