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  1. I am starting a small project in a facility that we have previously done work on. So I duplicated the VW file and started work in the area of the new project. I felt I needed to start a new Notes Database for this project and so I did. However, every time I try to place a new keynote, the database reverts to the one I was using in the previous project. I have tried creating "new" and "choosing" the new database. I need to break this link!

  2. We are starting to fold the Notes Manager into our workflow.

    I wonder if VW2011 has addressed any of the following:

    - spellcheck

    - a more natural way to order notes (sometimes we care what number our keynotes use)

    - proper justification for keynote numbers in call outs (we find we need to adjust them for different numbers)

    It appears that the hexagon option is now available (thank goodness), and it seems that formatting is much improved.

  3. I am working on a new template for our office. A lot of the work we do is phased work. All the phases need to be included in one plan set. This includes walls that may not exist in phase 1, are built as part of phase 2, and are existing in phase 3, heck let's just assume that part of the wall is demolished in phase 3. The way we work is class based. We have a small set of layers (3) for each saved view (notes, plan, texture) typically. The layers are mostly used to insure that items do not obscure items they should not, but do obscure items they should (for instance a note might be obscured by a pattern if it is not 'pushed forward') We have a large set of classes which determine the appearance of the items that make up the drawing. So a wall on Plan-Wall-2x6 would look differently than a wall on Plan-Wall-Exist. The wall will be on Plan-Wall-2x6 in phase 1 but should look like it is on Plan-Wall-Exist when showing the phase 2 plan. Short of making a copy of the wall I do not know how to make it look different in phase 2. Consider that phase 2 will also have walls on Plan-Wall-2x6 which are part of phase 2.

    I am sure I have not shared enough info, but I wonder if anyone else is in a similar position. If you work on phased projects I would like to know how you control the appearance of items as they change status from phase to phase.

  4. We have a series of parallel walls which we could like to make a single wall. They are all exactly the same type of wall, but each segment has doors and windows in it so we cant just stretch one segment to full length without losing all the windows and doors placed in the other segments. Any ideas?

  5. PDF Bath print is dropping all sorts of info from my PDFs.

    It is dropping text from notes which are not in viewports.

    When I create a single PDF of a sheet that is corrupt via Batch PDF it shows up fine.

    I can batch print and use the OSX "Save as PDF" option and that will create a batch of PDFs which are not a single multi-page file and each sheet is 5 to 10 times bigger than the entire multi-page PDF (5 sheets)... but they look fine.

    I would love to use Batch PDF, but it is completely non-functional.

    Any tips?

  6. We are having an issue with some items not taking on the opacity override of the -viewport- class. We verified that each item which is not being effected is on the class it needs to be on.

    It feels like it has something to do with groups or items not being on the right class or using class attributes when the viewport was created.

    UPDATE:: Turns out the items that were not doing as we wished, will do as we wish if we make them a symbol.

    This reminds me of the other -impossible to track down- glitch we ran up against. When exporting pdfs and dwgs we found that many of them would just vanish into the ether with no rhyme nor reason. Turns out the folders we were saving them into had backslashes in the names (like Project 11/14/07). Now before you tell me this is computers 101, let me assure you that this was not an issue with earlier versions of VW.

    Frustrating and weird.

    VW2008 Architect


  7. We have an office mandate that all items places on sheet layers are to be on the none class as well. This does not always happen, thus my request. I see no reason why this should not be done.

    Wow, Pat you did figure out a way to address this. Very nice. Not as intuitive as giving the user control of class visibility on sheet layers directly.

  8. There should be a setting which would allow a sheet layer to have all classes on for eternity. We have had countless instances of people pasting something on a sheet layer only to have it disappear later, because some or all of the item is on a class that is not visible for that sheet layer. In fact, there should be a way to control what classes are visible on sheet layers. I know that good practice would avoid this problem (that's a bit unrealistic), but I do not see the harm in allowing the user to control this.

  9. The 'numbering' system needs an option for letter in lieu of the numbers, and an option of adding a prefix to the numbers so that you can have something like T1, T2, etc.

    There needs to be an option for including the headings/categories as part of the general note, or as the General Note title, so you can have different general note objects for different things.

  10. I just got off the phone with Tech Support and it appears that the General Note tool does not allow one to specify how the notes are listed. In our case we need them to be listed with letters as our key notes are numbered and both sets of notes may appear on the same printed sheet. Two sets of numbered notes would certainly lead to a big liability.

    There is very little chatter about the Notes Database tools that come with Architect. It appears to be a great tool and I would certainly like to start a dialogue. Is there any limitations or issues I should be aware of?

  11. We are set to invest some time into the Notes Manager. Looks like the way to go (please let me know of any pitfalls or shortcomings). We use numbers for our keynotes and we use letters to list our general notes.

    I can not figure out how to make the general notes list with letters, it insists on listing by number (which can be confusing with both keynotes and general notes on a single sheet). Please clue me in.

  12. Relegated to page two purgatory? Oh, I don't think so. I am throwing down the gauntlet. Petri, Islandmon, Christiaan... and all other takers (stake your claim as the baddest of the bad). The first to solve this problem will get riches beyond your wildest dreams (and a 10% off coupon from Bed. Bath and Beyond).

    I double dog dare you!

    And hey, if Nemetschek wants to step up...I welcome it.

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