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  1. Does anyone know why my drawing isn't showing some of the class attributes referenced from the source drawing? For instance, I've adjusted opacity and colour for paving but the adjustment won't show in my drawing no matter how many times I update the reference.
  2. Thanks very much both. I work freelance for a practice where everyone except me works on ACAD. It's quite a challenge to coordinate things so it sounds as if importing and exporting as classes is the best idea. I can then presumably coordinate their layer protocols with my classes ( line weights, titles and colours). I used to work in ACAD so have found this quite frustrating and have nearly given in and got a copy of CAD but can't really afford it, so if I can make this work, all the better for everyone!
  3. I'm trying to draw 2D contours which involve elliptical shapes. Can't trim to the ellipses at all. This is going to be impossible to draw unless I can do this - can anyone help?
  4. Hi Nina, No I haven't tried this. How do I access this tab? Many thanks.
  5. Does anyone know why a CAD drawing with multiple layers imports into VWX on one layer? Is this something to do with the way the dwg has been exported or the way the dwg has been imported? It means that I cannot separate layers so the drawing is almost impossible to work with.
  6. Thanks so much Tony, I'll try this and let you know how I get on! Tamsin, thanks also, this is very useful and I'll have a go. I did have Service select last year but I think it's expired. Many Thanks, this is really helpful .
  7. I'm a complete novice at this so please forgive if question is a stupid one! I've manage to make a contour site model of quite a large site and now want to import a 2D drrawing of all the other elements into it as a reference to start building the design on it. I've imported the 2D drawing as a reference but it is sitting below the site model. Is there a way to position it accurately on top of the site model? There are lots of existing trees too. Any advice would be terrific!
  8. I set up a drawing and referenced in the site survey. All ok - except every time I open the drawing, the reference re - imports itself. Is there a reason for this? Other drawings set up the same way don't seem to do it.
  9. Hello Cuz :) This works perfectly - thanks!! I think our Anderson predecessors came from Belfast to Glasgow at about the same time - before that though, they may well have come from Scotland originally. Bunch of ruffians as we understand it! Thanks for your help... I'm always asking for it, being a bit of a novice :)
  10. The dots in the centre of my trees are massive and I can't find a way of adjusting this. Is there a way?
  11. I've been drawing pathways using the polyline / bezier function. I can only intermittently select them if I zoom in and out and if force selected, an error message comes up saying there is no object selected. This means I can't trim etc and it is frustratingly slow. I've had to change some to straight polylines with arcs and fillets which is much slower. Am I doing something wrong? I don't remember having these problems before. Anyone else getting this?
  12. I've placed a "simple" plant list schedule on to a sheet but I can't seem to edit the columns and content as I want to. I've tried all available options I can see to try and add text. For example, I changed the default heading and deleted another I didn't want and now I can't add any text within the columns. I just want to create a simple list with quantity, latin name, size, spacing and notes. Is this impossible or am I missing something? Can I create a bespoke one somehow? Thanks!
  13. Hi I performed a clean up with "clean my mac" and now vwx says on loading that user preferences cannot be saved. When I click on "try again" it simply shuts down. Anyone know what the problem is? Should I reinstall it? Thanks
  14. Still having the same problem. Sitting around for 10 minutes while VWX 2017 status shows "loading Landmark workspace"... Can anyone please suggest anything? Ive tried the other suggestions bt it makes no difference. Is anyone having the same problems? Thanks in desperation
  15. No luck with that. In fact, closing down is now equally as prolonged. Result is a crushingly slow and frustrating process. Also generally slow in saving etc. Should I re install or something?


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