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  1. That solved it @ASagatovVW!! Thank you very much! Only took a few minutes to update all the text objects, and it was done!
  2. So I'm just a serious VW amateur, but the ranking user in my company, and have been working my way through creating standards and templates for the other guys on the team to use. One main thing is the title block, which I got working in 2017, but 2019 is throwing me for a total loop. I have all the records properly attached, linked, and formatted, but now no matter what I do, or where I update them from (OIP or Title Block Manager) there is no change to the block when I exit the dialog boxes. I tried attaching my files for reference, but the uploads keep failing, so here are links: Title Block 2019 - WIP v2019.vwx https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aiiiy0SsKb71iKU9FSQOnnOhXa4cYg SmartSource 2019 General Template.sta https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aiiiy0SsKb71iK8dqumpTfVkAl8yvw I greatly and humbly appreciate any insight into what I'm missing or doing wrong. Scott
  3. Drew, This has quickly become a life-saver for me - please help yourself to a free cup of coffee - my treat!! I'm giong to work on going a little further and try to set up the various projectors my company (an AV rental and production firm) has in inventory (PT-RZ770, PT-RZ970, PT-RZ12k, and PT-RZ21K). Maybe someone can help me here - I've downloaded the BIM files from panasonic (https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/projector/extranet/main/cad/bim.html), but when I import them (Vectorworks 2017) I get file information amd a rather useless box instead of the 3D projector. I was REALLY hoping to avoid making these from scratch, does anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong (proabably the case) or, even better, has some saviour already modeled these projectors (and the PT-RZ575 - we use those all the time)? Another free coffee up for grabs. Thasnk all! Scott
  4. Andrew, We don't have the Landru Producer's Pack 3 plug-in (yet - will be working on that) but it doesn't look like the stock symbol controls can do that variation in height - unless I'm missing something. Nice to know you can throw something like that together so quickly and easily, but you're right, the additions of geometry options would bloat things up pretty quickly, and I imagine you probably have to put the brakes on that kind of thing quite a bit. I will say I created a (very) crude model of the MVW55 and MVW46 wall mounts, because we use them on almost every one of our videowall projects. Something like that would be a handy addition to the seamless monitors you have in there. That being said, I have reached out to Premier about having them work with you guys on developing a product library - just because they should be in there from a marketing perspective. Not just the floor stands, but wall mounts and other accessories would be a great addition for both the trade show and integration markets using Vectorworks.
  5. Andrew & Rob, Thanks for the feedback. It looks like the symbol is based loosely on the Premier PSD-TL60 (72 & 84) https://www.premiermounts.com/product/psd-tl60/ so a pop-up or option dialog box with the real-world standards of 60", 72" and 84" would match those, and then a custom option so that can be , well, customized - which would be nice, because our shop just happened (literally) to have 108" custom cut poles that fit the bases - and that completely saved my bacon on this project. I also attached the bracket adapter, which would line up with the center of the VESA pattern on the back of the monitors. I used to rep for Premier a few years back - thinking maybe I should contact them and have them work with you to build a library set of their products . . . BTW, I am a long-time AutoCAD user (mostly self-taught, though), and my company just purchased Vectorworks for our team. I really like the tool sets in Spotlight, and am learning how to use them efficiently. Just the fact that this is so quick and easy to place into a trade-show or event drawing, and then alter as our clients make budget changes is a real time and aggravation saver. Same with the projection screen and LED wall tools. Thanks again! PSD-TL60_521_1376091220.dxf product_file_PSD-HDCA_1_1391217830.dxf
  6. Working on a booth design and placed a 70" monitor using the Television tool. The client wanted the monitor all the way to the top of an 84" dual pole stand, so I put that into the "Stand Height" of the "Add Adjustable Stand" properties section. It wasn't until a later review that I realized the 84" is the bottom of the monitor, NOT the height of the stands poles. Had to find a real-world solution, as much of the rest of that area in the booth relied on the placement of that monitor. Granted we did this design very quickly and didn't check it over enough before sending to the client. It would be nice to have the stand actually be 72" or 84" as in real life, and then move the monitor up and down relative to the poles. This would show the poles sticking up like they do in real life. A minor thing, but lesson learned.
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