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  1. Hey All, Stumbled across this thread as I'm trying to resolve what seems to be a similar issue. - Have Vision 2019 installed (updated etc.) - Installed a new copy of Hog software today (Version 3.12.0 b2351) on both, my Hog PC and Road Hog console. - Unable to connect to either my Roadhog 4 or Hog 4 PC (on same computer.) It's been a while since I've connected the console to Vision, but had it all working in the past. Console can't seem to find Vision 2019, no matter what I try. (I am able to connect to Vision 2018 successfully from my Road Hog 4.) - Tried networking through both, Hognet and Fixture net ports (Although, I believe Hognet is the correct port to use) - Tried different IP ranges (Usually use Static IP's but tried DHCP server today as well.) - Tried Re-installing Hog connectivity drivers - 'Run Visualizer Stream' is enabled - Tried different network cables etc (Again, verified all is working as I am able to connect to Vision 2018) - Have disabled all firewall's (Both Windows Firewall and Kaspersky Total security etc.) - Also tried running Artnet signal to Vision instead of Hognet as the dmx provider, no luck. I'd be happy to assist with further investigation as I would really like to get this resolve.
  2. Thanks Eric! Much appreciated.
  3. Hi All, I'm busy working on a project that requires photo-metric data to show if lumens from a proposed light fixture will be enough to light an outdoor artpiece before installation etc. The proposed light fixture (Kim Lighting - Lightvault) is not in the vectorworks stock symbols library, but have found the IES file from manufacturer. I've spend a fair bit of time trying to get this working, to no avail. I've used a standard light fixture (from Vectorworks) and imported the IES file. Tried a side by side comparison to see if any photometric data changed after applying the IES file. Did not work. Then I stumbled upon this discussion. Do I understand correctly that you can import the IES file to help make rendering more accurate, but can't be used for photometric data? If that is so, I would like to ask if this could be considered in a future update release. Is there anyone with a suggestion for me to try perhaps? H.Enslin


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