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  1. Check to see if both the Top 2D and Top 3D views of the window symbol are oriented the same way.
  2. I found a technique for this on a Tips and Tricks page at www.zeta.org.au/~jbcarr/TandT.htm. 1. Create a 3D model on as many layers as required and setup the layers with correct Z values. 2. Create a single new layer for Linking, set it to Top/Plan view and link it back to as many 3D layers as required. 3. Choose Unlock from the File menu then Group from the Organize menu. Now reposition the Group in say the top left corner of the sheet and choose Copy. 4. Paste three times, each time repositioning the Pasted Group to a different part of the sheet. You now have four identical models on the sheet. 5. Now comes the interesting bit. Rotate three of the four models 90, 180, and 270 degrees respectively, select the top two models and set the view to Front. 6. Drag the two selected views from on top of the other views and you have four elevational views on the one layer. These can be repositioned using Snap To Object with the SmartCursor, to align them correctly.


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