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  1. Has anyone else been having trouble in VW22 with window and door textures? I can't seem to edit the texture that is shown, despite trying to change the texture in the object and class. Sometimes it will show correctly and then if I change the window, say - add a muntin, the original texture will disappear and be replaced by a cream color (see screenshots below). I never had this problem in VW21 and hoped it would be resolved with an update but nothing has come out. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. We have also been having similar problems with walls disappearing or showing up as transparent in any 3D views. It happened in 2 files and we thought it was a glitch. Now we're on our 4th problem file and creating new files is very time consuming. I really hope VW is working on a solution! Katie Greenmun Building Design Services VW 19
  3. Have you ever wished that there was a list of fonts, using the font types? I couldn't find one so ended up typing one out. Hopefully someone else can use it too! I'll attach the list in PDF format as well as a VW19 file. VW-19 FONTS.pdf VW FONTS.vwx
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