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  1. Thank you very much Art V. I will forward your text to my client maybe it will make some things more clear for them. Many thanks
  2. Art V, please the last question. They accepted the quality of object, now the only problem they have is mapping, is it possible to give me / them a very short tips how is it possible to add a texture correctly? Is it possible at all? They try it and sent me this print screen. I attached print screen, .3ds and .obj files, i would be very thankful if you could give me some advice. Many thanks in advance obj 3ds.rar
  3. thank you very much Art V for so detailed description. I tried and gave them .Obj file, hope it will be acceptable for them. Let's see. Many thanks once again
  4. thank you very much ART V. I did export files into OBJ, 3DS, STL, DWG and DXF, so they can check the best option for them. Would you be able to check one option for one furniture please? while exporting in .obj i'm getting the window which is attached as print screen, maybe you can give me some advice which one can be the best? or shell i leave it as default? Many thanks in advance Nodar 21.rar
  5. Hi Guys, I'm not a user of Vectorworks, but my client is. I modeled 3d object in 3d studio max and i want to export this model in best extention for Vectorworks and with optimal settings, so that my client can use it in Vector works. They are complaining that texture is tiling on a polygons, and it is not that smooth as it looks in 3d studio max. P.S. I can send a model per e-mail so you can check this. I would really appreciate your help, because i'm trying to solve this problem quit a long time and until now have no progress. Many thanks in advance Nodar


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