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  1. Hi all I've been using Vectorworks since 2015 and since becoming more adept I've noticed that many aspects, particularly the plant tool have become very slow in later versions. All the hardware tweaks that I could find have been applied and my hardware, whilst a little old, is still way above minimum requirements: 17-4790K @ 4.00ghz 32gb RAM SSD GeForce GTX 980 I work in Landmark and Renderworks and use the plant tool extensively. Over the last few months I've noticed that introducing even a single plant into the drawing will create hangs and lags. This occurs in both top plan and 3D views. Rendering is generally fine. I have made up a large library of plant symbols myself which have both 2D and 3D attributes but it is now getting to the point that using plants slows down my workflow too much. My main question is should I roll back to a previous version or would a hardware upgrade help to solve my issue? Aside from the resource manager I haven't really noticed any tangible benefits since upgrading from 2016. I would be interested to hear people's opinions. Thanks John Brennan


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