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  1. Hey there, you might know this article: "Improve OpenGL and Wireframe performance - Windows only - Nvidia graphics only" Is there any chance of an update on those recommended settings? I was testing my files with my M1 MacbookPro and was literally speechless how slow my i7-9750H - Geforce RTX2070 Windows Laptop did in comparison... So maybe the right hardware config could boost the Windows performance? Cheers, Daniel
  2. Hey there, i know there were plenty of topics in the past, but I guess I can specify my requirements more detailed. At the moment I run my quite huge BIM projects in VW2020 (Site Design, Hardscape, Marionette Scripts, OpenGL freeform-modelling, no rendering) on those two machines: Mac: cMP5,1 - CPU: Dual X5690 3.46Ghz - RAM: 48GB 1333Mhz DDR3 EEC - OS: PCIe SM951 NVMe M.2 - Scratch: PCIe SSD - GPU: RX 580 8GB VRAM - Win: - CPU: i7 7700K 4.20 Ghz - RAM: 32GB 2400Mhz DDR4 - OS: SM951 NVMe M.2- Scratch: PM961 NVMe M.2 - GPU: GTX 1070 8GB VRAM - The Windows machine is quite satisfying. RAM usage while multitasking 2/3 . A faster GPU might be a good idea (tested a machine with a GTX 1660, but slower CPU and SSD - I had the feeling that some 3D operations were a lot faster) The Mac machine is fine for daily Business, but sometimes (huge drawings) I hate how slow it feels compered to the 4,20 Ghz machine... So I guess core speed is a huge factor. Right now I need a mobile solution - if possible a "DELL" Laptop. I really don't know if it is better to dig the XPS or G Series... XPS Series with a GTX 1650 4GB - i9-9980HK G-Series with an RTX 2060, 6 GB - i7-9750H Any recommendations? Cheers!
  3. Hey there, is there a workaround to extract the texture pads on a site model for further use? I cloud imagine to generate solids via marionette from the 3D polygons (for BIM use). I know it is possible to have a 3D hardscape, but with serious drainage planning i can't get what i want. Cheers...
  4. Hey there, is it possible to acess Site Model information via Marionette? I hope to script a gradient object for a faster "only"-labeling purpose than the existing gradient tool does. simple as that: a line as PIO get start and end point place locus on site model (z-height) simple math label gradient with text Cheers.
  5. Hey, you can convert a copy of your site model and convert it into a group. Extract what you need spereated and tag with ifc again... As far as I know there is no direct way for ist.
  6. Heblon

    Mirror Node

    Hey there, as far as I know it isn't possible to mirror a group that contains groups, right? Might there be a other way to handle the problem, for example to ungroup, mirror and than group the group as it was before? Or is a simple 2D mirror operation possible with the "transform2" node? Cheers!
  7. Hey, thanks a lot. The problem with one single EaP node is that all objects get the same class, thats why I used the List Expolode node. This is important because I'm working on a BIM Project right know where I deliver persistet information via the class name (data mapping is post VW). Cheers!
  8. Hi Sarah, yes the error persists. I use the german Version of VW (up to date), might this be the reason? Thanks for the tip with the delete node. I was wondering why I once got an error message with a similar use of that node, but I have haven't seen that error for a while now. strange... So since your involved ;D... you might have a glue on how to delete the "unused" control geometry NURBS curves that are generated, it isn't that bad cause they don't export in ifc but when I convert the MO to a group I have several duplicates of the path (obvious). Cheers!
  9. Hey there, i have a litte network to extrude a symbol with more than one profile in different classes along a path. To get that i used 'List Explode', but I have no idea how to fix the error below. I attached the file. - I used more than one 'control geometry' - otherwise i had a weired x/y offset of the EaP objects. - Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers! Profilsymbol_am_Pfad.vwx
  10. Hi there, is there a way to triangulate 3D Polygons? I would like to triangulate a tapered extrude and two 3D Polygons that close the top and button, afterwards i would like to sum them to a solid volume. Also I'm curious if there is a NURBS curve connecting node aviable, this might be the better workaround. Cheers!
  11. I would love to see a dark/black UI as option, working late burns my eyes continuously, flux does the job, but still burns my eyes...
  12. Hey there, I am working on a small tool that creates material layers with a defined thickness. My control geometry is a NURBS curve. I am dealing with two problems: the first one: Vectorworks crashes when shell thickness equals zero. the second: in some cases the network isn't able to generate the shells, all I see then seems to be a NURBS surface I attached the file below... Maybe someone has an idea how to fix it? Cheers! Schichtaufbau.vwx
  13. That style reference node seems to be a much better workaround that the actual concept. thanks again!
  14. awesome! thanks a lot. Yeah I changed the script of the input-popup node, but somehow i changed every node, maybe I should duplicate the node first and try it again. Cheers!
  15. Hi sbarrett, this works great! Is there a way to access the "Manual Precision' with an input? At first I was like "oh that is super easy" but things got far more complex than I thought But step by step, just started out... I added a file here. To sum it up: I want an intelligent symbol to label heights and deliver a hybrid view and can be placed on site model. Further I would like to choose between 4 different symbols, if selected with impact on text origin and text style, but step by step... At the moment I try to figure out how i control the text. Is it possible to adapt parts of the font style from the marionette object itself? If I activate the "add seccond height" in the PIO I would like to delete the seccond text object because not needed if there is no seccond height. Any solution on this? Höhenplanung.vwx Cheers!
  16. So, the scaling thing works, the rounding also, now I need a way to trail only the zeroes after the specified characters to display... I tried to add 0,00 but it did not work out.
  17. I found that wonderful topic THE REST OF DOMC NODES - this is awesome I will post my results later. Cheers
  18. Okay, I found a solution for my incorrect z-value Issue with Parent PIO, also I found out that it is much more easy to write the value in a record field than trying to rotate text inside marionette. But still I am not able to scale the symbol. Also I am trying to find a way to kill everything after the second position of the decimal point. Anyone some idea how to fix this? Cheers!
  19. Hey there, is there any way to to overwrite or disable additional characters (ü, ä, ö, ?, /, ",% ...) temporarily (without renaming) for the dwg/dxf or other exports? Cheers
  20. Oh, i did realize that this won't work as expected, so I need a new concept... If I change the z-height of the marionette object it adds the inserted height to my 3D Point in my Hybrid Symbol. So my idea would be to generate the z-value from the z-coordinate of the marionette object itself. Is that possible? with a string? regards
  21. Hey There, after a few days of learning Marionette I started creating some small Objects I've always missed in VW. Right now i started creating a small Tool that places a Hybrid height signature wich labels itself because I really hate my Multistamp workaround. This is just a first function test so be patient It places a Hybrid Symbol and moves it on the z-axis and labels it with the value used to move it. I would like to scale text size and symbol size with one parameter by I don't know how to scale the symbol. I thought about transforming the symbol into a group and then scale it or might there be a direkt way like the rotation angle accessible with the BIM-Node "Symbol"? Cheers!
  22. Hi, dealing with a similar problem... Haven't found a workaround yet, I tried almost every possible setting but I just see the Layers inside my drawing but no content of DLVPs. I see the wireframe of them when zooming in and out, I hope for the next service pack to fix it... cause I guess it's some kind of bug.
  23. Thanks for your reply, my Mac machine was just for comparison, I tested the project there to have a reference , so I guess the amount of RAM and the faster GPU give me the more fluent user experience. Unfortunately this machine is 7 years old, so be patient with my power machine For sure the operating system will be Win 10. So i think a proper system could look like this: CPU: i7 8700K - will be aviable in December - the 7700K doen't support RAM faster than DDR4-2400 RAM: 32 GB DDR4-2666 GPU: 1060 GTX 6GB VRAM the fastest M.2 Flash Blade for the system a fast M.2 Flash Blade as scratch disk I aldready supected that VW is mostly single Thread, i hope that will change in future.
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