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  1. Hey there, is there a workaround to extract the texture pads on a site model for further use? I cloud imagine to generate solids via marionette from the 3D polygons (for BIM use). I know it is possible to have a 3D hardscape, but with serious drainage planning i can't get what i want. Cheers...
  2. Hey there, is it possible to acess Site Model information via Marionette? I hope to script a gradient object for a faster "only"-labeling purpose than the existing gradient tool does. simple as that: a line as PIO get start and end point place locus on site model (z-height) simple math label gradient with text Cheers.
  3. Hey, you can convert a copy of your site model and convert it into a group. Extract what you need spereated and tag with ifc again... As far as I know there is no direct way for ist.
  4. Heblon

    Mirror Node

    Hey there, as far as I know it isn't possible to mirror a group that contains groups, right? Might there be a other way to handle the problem, for example to ungroup, mirror and than group the group as it was before? Or is a simple 2D mirror operation possible with the "transform2" node? Cheers!
  5. Hey, thanks a lot. The problem with one single EaP node is that all objects get the same class, thats why I used the List Expolode node. This is important because I'm working on a BIM Project right know where I deliver persistet information via the class name (data mapping is post VW). Cheers!
  6. Hi Sarah, yes the error persists. I use the german Version of VW (up to date), might this be the reason? Thanks for the tip with the delete node. I was wondering why I once got an error message with a similar use of that node, but I have haven't seen that error for a while now. strange... So since your involved ;D... you might have a glue on how to delete the "unused" control geometry NURBS curves that are generated, it isn't that bad cause they don't export in ifc but when I convert the MO to a group I have several duplicates of the path (obvious). Cheers!
  7. Hey there, i have a litte network to extrude a symbol with more than one profile in different classes along a path. To get that i used 'List Explode', but I have no idea how to fix the error below. I attached the file. - I used more than one 'control geometry' - otherwise i had a weired x/y offset of the EaP objects. - Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers! Profilsymbol_am_Pfad.vwx
  8. Hi there, is there a way to triangulate 3D Polygons? I would like to triangulate a tapered extrude and two 3D Polygons that close the top and button, afterwards i would like to sum them to a solid volume. Also I'm curious if there is a NURBS curve connecting node aviable, this might be the better workaround. Cheers!
  9. I would love to see a dark/black UI as option, working late burns my eyes continuously, flux does the job, but still burns my eyes...
  10. Hey there, I am working on a small tool that creates material layers with a defined thickness. My control geometry is a NURBS curve. I am dealing with two problems: the first one: Vectorworks crashes when shell thickness equals zero. the second: in some cases the network isn't able to generate the shells, all I see then seems to be a NURBS surface I attached the file below... Maybe someone has an idea how to fix it? Cheers! Schichtaufbau.vwx
  11. That style reference node seems to be a much better workaround that the actual concept. thanks again!
  12. awesome! thanks a lot. Yeah I changed the script of the input-popup node, but somehow i changed every node, maybe I should duplicate the node first and try it again. Cheers!
  13. Hi sbarrett, this works great! Is there a way to access the "Manual Precision' with an input? At first I was like "oh that is super easy" but things got far more complex than I thought But step by step, just started out... I added a file here. To sum it up: I want an intelligent symbol to label heights and deliver a hybrid view and can be placed on site model. Further I would like to choose between 4 different symbols, if selected with impact on text origin and text style, but step by step... At the moment I try to figure out how i control the text. Is it possible to adapt parts of the font style from the marionette object itself? If I activate the "add seccond height" in the PIO I would like to delete the seccond text object because not needed if there is no seccond height. Any solution on this? Höhenplanung.vwx Cheers!


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