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  1. Thanks Art V. I have done this. But when I turn off the 'Plants-Component-Tag' class it hides the tag as well as the plant symbol. It is treating the plant symbol and the tag as one. When I go to edit the symbol it is in the correct class. Not the tag class. See example here- I will have to call the help desk tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Not that I can find. It would have to be for all the plants. So how do you get to edit the preferences for all the plants on a design layer at once? I can only find how to change it for one plant at a time. I must be missing something.
  3. Hi All. I always seem to get issues on weekends when I cannot call my help. And yes, I don't have a life :-) When I turn off the visibility for the plant tags - 'Plants-Component-Tag', the tag as well as the plant disappears. It is doing it for all the plants on the drawing. I have checked that the symbols are not under the Tag class. They are under the other Plant-Component lists, such as Bloom, etc. What am I doing wrong?? I opened a new file to check the problem. I placed a plant, turned off the tag, but the tag stayed! I noted that the plant was in the None class Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Art & Pat. It was as simple as clicking on "Export whole printable area as one page"! I really need to do a course on this. But time, travel and finances doesn't allow me to do this. So learn as I go it is.
  5. Hi all. When I publish or export my plans, they end up as 4 separate pages. They are on A2. How do I stop this please? Also, how do I change from landscape to portrait when I choose a page size in 'Page Setup'? Again. thank you all for your help. Cheers Bernard
  6. Thanks Nikolay for your reply I worked out what to do. Cheers
  7. I have changed to a new computer and it doesn't have my custom title block on it. I have it on one of my drawings I have opened but when I try to do anything with it, it reverts back to the original. How do I transfer the custom TB from the old computer to the new? Thanks
  8. I'm sorry for all the questions. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here. I wanted a plant bubble. However, no matter which one I choose, it doubles up on the tag.... Also. the "Align distribute leader lines" command doesn't work for me??
  9. I did this and it gave me a label for every plant. Not what I want.
  10. BJRobinson


    Hi all. I want to do a clipped hedge look using Duranta Ahenas Gold. How do I go about placing a square plant symbol around a curve. Here is my very dodgy attempt. Only thing I can think of is doing them individually. Rotating each one. Then only taging one plant and somehow change the quantity to the # of plants shown in the tag. Cheers (again)
  11. Thanks Bob. That worked. Much appreciated.
  12. I have added a new plant to my list, However the symbol doesn't appear as shown in the plant settings as shown below. Any Ideas please?
  13. Thanks Pat. I had it on Show Snap others. Cheers
  14. Hi all. I have placed a pergola image from the resource manager onto the plan and I cannot select it. I am on the correct design layer. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance. Cheers Bernard
  15. Thanks Andy. Much appreciated. I probably would have found this if i had more experience. Cheers
  16. Hi Again. Sorry for the beginners questions. I have rotated a reference mark. However the text has rotated also. How do I get the text to stay upright? Cheers
  17. Sorry. I don't fully understand what you and MarkDD have said to do.
  18. I chose to trace the internal line of the wall. Offset it by 250mm, then offset it by 500mm the other way. Then drew a line to join these at either end, Compose them, then converted to polygon. I was hoping that there would be a quicker way. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. Cheers
  19. Thanks Guys I appreciate your replies. I decomposed one of the polygons. See first Pic. When I try to select the curved line, it just selects a small section. See second Pic. It always does this. So where to from here? Draw a new polyline over the old and offset it?
  20. I Have drawn some retaining walls as polygons. The client has changed their mind from rock clad, block walls to random rock walls. I want to increase the wall thickness from 250mm to 500mm. How would I do this? I have tried the offset tool. However it offsets it in both directions. Kind of works. However I then have to reshape one side back. I haven't used the wall tool yet. Still learning. Thanks.
  21. Thanks Kevin. Appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I hadn't installed the add on. Doing it now. Cheers
  22. Hi. When I draw an object, say a rectangle or a line, I tab into the Object Info window next to it to type in the dimensions. After a while it stops working. When I tab into it it highlights the figure to be changed, however I cannot type over it. It stays the same. Only way I can change it is to finish the object and use the 'Object Info' pallet. Any suggestions please. Cheers
  23. Hi all. I Live in Lake Macquaire NSW Australia. I am newish to Vectorworks. I have over 35yrs of experience as a Landscape contractor and am now doing design. I am after someone teach me the best way to proceed. Show me the shortcuts and best ways to draw. I would prefer 3D as I am specialising in steep sites with multiple level changes and stairs. I can be reached through here or email me - info@rocksolidlandscapes.com.au Thanks
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