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  1. @JimW Here are links to them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r8b_lWazsm_dxub8BRXbYdZ1Tb8cKvcD/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OdcvLu7cVpbZnc4u-bvrhW09FT49UNwi I have checked and they mass planting is unticked. I have reduced the line to .05mm. But still happens. I have changed the plant rotation to different settings. But still come out the same way in the PDF. I did a test on a new page with just the plants. What did work on this is change the scale from 1:200 to 1:100. So I am guessing it is a scaling things. I would like to know what you think. Thanks. PS I also changed the Philo symbol to a new one with just lines. No difference.
  2. My hair is turning grey as I read this!!
  3. Lines are .18mm. I changed to .05mm but no change in appearance when converted to PDF.
  4. @J. Wallace I had it at 300 then tried 600. No difference. It looks lower in the screenshot because I just used snipping tool to get the image above. Both of these symbols appear as blobs when saved as PDF.
  5. Thanks Guys. I guess I just 'suck it and see' how many more Hrs to allow for. Because I, and all of my competition, quote my designs, I have to estimate how long. This is still hard for me even in 2D, as I am still learning how to drive the software.
  6. I have been asked to do my first 3D design. As I am new to this. What time factor would you say is associated with 3D design. I.E. is it 2x longer to do a 3D to a 2D design? I know it is like, how much is a piece of string question. But you lovely experienced designers would have some kind of gut feeling for this. Just like after 35+ years of landscaping, I can walk onto a site, ask what the client wanted and can guesstimate a price within 20%. That's all I'm after. Thanks.
  7. I cannot find a way to quickly change form landscape to portrait. Something so simple in such a complicated software program wouldn't be a big ask would it :-)
  8. Hi I want to know how to stop some plant symbols turning into blobs when saving as PDF. They are existing symbols. Not ones I have Made. While I am at it. What Res do you save your PDF's at? Thanks
  9. I was able to insert 2 rows. Copy and past 2 of the original rows, then change the wording to 'Cactus/Succulent'. That way I didn't have to worry about all the other stuff :-)
  10. Thanks Pat. I originally opened a locked one. I have just found one i can edit. I appreciate your help. your post worksheet creation is something i will tackle if needed down the track. Cheers
  11. Hi. Can anyone let me know how to add another category, 'Cactus/Succulents' to this table please.
  12. Thanks Tom. Appreciate you taking the time to explain. I am currently using a 24" and was going to a 27". I think the 27 will do me fine for the type of work I am doing. It's domestic. I could see the benefits for larger scale commercial projects though. Cheers
  13. Excuse my ignorance as I am new. What do you mean by scale the UI on the screen? So I should be using a 40" monitor? That's the size of my TV! It would be like sitting in the front row at the pictures wouldn't it?
  14. Thanks Matt. I actually came across this today - https://www.slothygeek.com/best-monitor-for-eyes/
  15. After 35+ yrs of building landscapes, my eyes aren't use to looking at a monitor all day now that I am doing design full time. I would love some suggestions on a new monitor. I have just upgraded my PC with Z370 HD3 motherboard and nvidia Quadpro P400. Cheers Bernard
  16. By the way. How do you delete a topic??
  17. Sorry. I was having a brain fart! I had it on Grey others! :-(
  18. Hi all. Any ideas as to why the colour has disappeared from my plants? I was working on another section of the drawing. When i expanded the view the plants had lost their colour. I have checked the classes and all plant classes are turned on. I have tried reopening the file. Thanks heaps. Bernard
  19. Hi Michael. Yes that is perfect. I take it that this is one of the reports you can generate? I'll go look for it. Cheers
  20. I would like to know the bast way to create a cover page with a drawing register. I cannot find any video or info on how to do this basic operation. I cannot do it on a word doc as I cannot do an A2 page. Thanks Bernard
  21. I finally worked it out. I stupidly, while trying to get the tags removed when I turned off the 'Tag' class, highlighted them all and made them 'Tag" class instead of 'Plant" class. Once I changed them back they worked fine. However I am back to the same problem of the tags not turning off!
  22. Thanks Art V. I have done this. But when I turn off the 'Plants-Component-Tag' class it hides the tag as well as the plant symbol. It is treating the plant symbol and the tag as one. When I go to edit the symbol it is in the correct class. Not the tag class. See example here- I will have to call the help desk tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.
  23. Not that I can find. It would have to be for all the plants. So how do you get to edit the preferences for all the plants on a design layer at once? I can only find how to change it for one plant at a time. I must be missing something.
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