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  1. Here it is as Nurbes curves and texture bed. However it is more than 3 Nurbes curves as there are straight and curved edges.

    I cannot seem to get the lofting to work as I think it only wants 3 curves at a time to work.

    I find how to get the texture bed to follow the 3D shape required at the correct spot elevations that I have in the Nurses Curves?

    What am I missing?



  2. Hi.

    I want to draw this highlighted drive.

    I have fiddled around for a few hrs and I cannot seem to find a way of doing it.

    It is existing, different widths and grades along it's length. It slopes from the house to the shed and down the to the entrance at the bottom of the screen shot.

    How would you go about drawing it?



  3. On 12/2/2022 at 11:41 AM, hollister design Studio said:

    I'm currently annotating a planting plan and having to deal with this...


    I always plan on doing a first pass a little bit wider than I want for the final.

    That way I can see which lines are crossing and then very roughly stack them in the right order.

    Note - if you do the first pass too wide then the leader line crosses will be all over the place - the key is to do just wide enough that you have room to manually resort the offending leader lines.


    In the second pass I align distribute they seem to get much closer with maybe only one or two crossing lines that I adjust manually.


    And in the third pass I align the labels (we like groups to be all vertical).



    Quick note about spacing in case you hadn't read this before - the tool uses the spacing between the top 2 tags when using "equal distance between shoulder lines"


    Second quick note - I just put up a wish list to add presets to this very useful, but not quite perfect tool!

    Thanks. I did not know about the spacing of the top 2 tags. This will also help a lot.


  4. 10 hours ago, Nico_be said:

    I have the same problem, this tool is not perfect, the lines always cross.  I have tried everything.  
    I use it sometimes to align the labels, but I modify them manually to remove the crossings.

    Thanks Nico. Not what I wanted to hear.


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  5. Hi again.

    I am struggling with aligning my plant tags automatically.

    I have a plan that has over 30 species of plants set out in a cottage garden style.

    I have always had trouble aligning the plant tags as they almost always crossover and are spaced apart at a spacing that I don't want. So I am always tweaking them or just giving up and doing it manually.

    What am I missing?


    The current plan:

    First try at aligning is 


    I am drawing my alignment line where the pink line is every time. This is the result.

    Nowhere near the line I drew. All bunched up and crossing lines.


    Second attempt: No better.




    This was a bit better. But still crossed lines and no where near where I drew my line.





    I could keep going with configurations, but a similar outcome.




  6. 21 hours ago, Tom W. said:


    Your original screenshot above includes 8 jpegs so are they suitable for creating Image Props?


    Or search 'plants png' online for plant images with transparent background.


    I personally have never found suitable plant images online but that might just be down to the particular species I was looking for. I have instead taken my own photos + removed the background on Pixelmator Pro then exported as PNG...

    Thanks Tom.

    No, the Jpegs are plant parts, such as leaves.

  7. On 10/25/2022 at 4:04 PM, Tom W. said:

    As @Nico_be says .OBJ is the only file type there you can import but just be aware that using a 3D mesh for your plants may result in very large file sizes. The VW plants use Image Props to represent the plants in 3D. These are 2D images + give a good 3D likeness without tons of MBs.

    Thanks Tom W.

    Do you know a good source for image props of plants?

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Thanks Guys.

    I got them from CGTrader. I forgot to check the image types.

    There are some that are the right file type. They are 3D objects. Are they correct for what i want them for? I want to start getting a bigger variety of images for the 3D component for the plant symbols.


  9. Hi All.

    I have recently bought these and cannot work out how to get them into VW.

    Can someone please point me to where I can get step by step instructions on importing plant images I have purchased and how to make them the 3D image for a plant.

    Thanks heaps.

    I seem to spend more time stuffing around with stuff like this than actually doing designs!!


  10. On 10/15/2022 at 3:28 PM, jeff prince said:

    If you need a good photo program and run a Mac or IPad, I highly recommend Affinity Photo.  It’s powerful, inexpensive, and a perpetual license.  I like the iPad version best and use it with the pencil.  Worth the small investment and time to get up to speed with it if you have any photo editing or traditional rendering needs.

    Nah, Sorry, I use a PC. Thanks anyway.

  11. On 10/8/2022 at 5:10 PM, Tom W. said:


    The halo is still there, you just don't see it against the white background.




    I think @jeff prince is correct: that not enough white was converted to transparent when the image was created + the only option is for you to go back + finish the job. Perhaps the issue was the fact that removing more of the white pixels around the perimeter of the plant was also going to the white flowers inside it. You can see some of this has happened already. But this is solved by painting the flowers back in again:




    See: Halo Plant v2022.vwx


    Thanks everyone for your help. I don't have the software to do this. I will just have to not use these images in the future.


  12. Thanks Everyone.

    I tried unselecting the thing in advanced properties. No luck.

    I then copied the plants to a blank project and created a viewport so I could post it here. What do you know. No Halo!!

    So what is different between the 2 I wonder.


  13. 38 minutes ago, jeff prince said:

    Looks like the alpha channel (cut out) of the plant could be improved.


    Open the graphics used to depict the plant in Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or similar.

    • Create a new layer under the current one and fill it with red (this will help see the edge of the plant better).
    • Refine the alpha channel.
    • Delete that red layer mentioned earlier
    • Save as PNG w/alpha channel
    • Bring it back into Vectorworks and replace your plant's graphics as appropriate.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks, But don't have any of those. They are plant symbols in the VW Library, so I would have thought they wouldn't need any modifying.

  14. 1 hour ago, jeff prince said:

    Unless you are a landscape architect who uses and publishes their plant information extensively outside the vectorworks  universe.


    VWX is losing its understanding of how professionals work and interact with their product.


    plant styles can’t collect a limitless amount of photos or contain other useful graphics, a database can.


    Plant styles can’t make stylized plant books for projects, databases can.


    Plant styles can’t be added to in the field using an iPad, databases can.


    Plant styles can’t publish information to the web, databases can.


    Plant styles can’t be connected to a wholesale price list and be updated automatically.  You guessed it, databases can.


    The reasons for using a database over a plant style goes on and on….


    Database information management is fundamental, locking info up in proprietary objects in the software will lead to increased duplication of effort.


    Sounds like this is the way to go Jeff.

    So where do look for how to make a database and how to use it with VW.

  15. It only happens when I use Renderworks Style Realistic Exterior Final. I had to cancel the rendering after 6hrs. I went out and came back to it still rendering.

    Every other rendering option only take about 2 minutes to render. So not worth using the 'Final' option

  16. 2 minutes ago, jeff prince said:


    This is not normal, unless you have something extremely detailed, objects far from the origin, complex layering of graphics, or other file anomalies.

    I do fairly complex site models with many 3D features, sometimes up to 30 sheets or so and publishing has rarely exceeded 30 minutes in the most extreme cases.  Now site model updates on the other hand...

    Thanks Jeff.

    I didn't think so. I'll have to try find out what is going wrong.

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