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  1. Hi all. Sorry for all the questions. (If anyone needs help with landscaping questions, send me a message) Maybe a way of me giving back to the forum. I like to design in the orientation of the block. having it with the front of the block to the bottom and the back to the top. However this causes a problem with long blocks when I go to fit it on a page in landscape orientation. Is it best practice to flip the viewport 90deg? However all the text would be wrong. Or Is it better to flip the completed design. Then do all the tags and notes last, so they are in the correct orientation when in landscape? Or Is there a better way? Thanks
  2. Plant Symbols display as blobs in PDF

    @JimW Here is a link to them. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/my-drive I have checked and they mass planting is unticked. I have reduced the line to .05mm. But still happens. I have changed the plant rotation to different settings. But still come out the same way in the PDF. I did a test on a new page with just the plants. What did work on this is change the scale from 1:200 to 1:100. So I am guessing it is a scaling things. I would like to know what you think. Thanks. PS I also changed the Philo symbol to a new one with just lines. No difference.
  3. 2D to 3D design times

    My hair is turning grey as I read this!!
  4. Plant Symbols display as blobs in PDF

    Lines are .18mm. I changed to .05mm but no change in appearance when converted to PDF.
  5. Plant Symbols display as blobs in PDF

    @J. Wallace I had it at 300 then tried 600. No difference. It looks lower in the screenshot because I just used snipping tool to get the image above. Both of these symbols appear as blobs when saved as PDF.
  6. Portrait / Landscape

    Thanks Jim. Much appreciated.
  7. 2D to 3D design times

    Thanks Guys. I guess I just 'suck it and see' how many more Hrs to allow for. Because I, and all of my competition, quote my designs, I have to estimate how long. This is still hard for me even in 2D, as I am still learning how to drive the software.
  8. 2D to 3D design times

    I have been asked to do my first 3D design. As I am new to this. What time factor would you say is associated with 3D design. I.E. is it 2x longer to do a 3D to a 2D design? I know it is like, how much is a piece of string question. But you lovely experienced designers would have some kind of gut feeling for this. Just like after 35+ years of landscaping, I can walk onto a site, ask what the client wanted and can guesstimate a price within 20%. That's all I'm after. Thanks.
  9. I cannot find a way to quickly change form landscape to portrait. Something so simple in such a complicated software program wouldn't be a big ask would it :-)
  10. Hi I want to know how to stop some plant symbols turning into blobs when saving as PDF. They are existing symbols. Not ones I have Made. While I am at it. What Res do you save your PDF's at? Thanks
  11. Plant list

    I was able to insert 2 rows. Copy and past 2 of the original rows, then change the wording to 'Cactus/Succulent'. That way I didn't have to worry about all the other stuff :-)
  12. Plant list

    Thanks Pat. I originally opened a locked one. I have just found one i can edit. I appreciate your help. your post worksheet creation is something i will tackle if needed down the track. Cheers
  13. Plant list

    Hi. Can anyone let me know how to add another category, 'Cactus/Succulents' to this table please.
  14. Monitor recommendation

    Thanks Tom.
  15. Monitor recommendation

    Thanks Tom. Appreciate you taking the time to explain. I am currently using a 24" and was going to a 27". I think the 27 will do me fine for the type of work I am doing. It's domestic. I could see the benefits for larger scale commercial projects though. Cheers


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