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  1. All Good. Don't know how it happened, but I have 2 of those folders and 1 had to be downloaded which fixed the problem.
  2. Hi Guys. I am trying to select some plant symbols and keep getting this notification. I'm running 2022 with SP 3. It Happens to all the plants in this location Can someone help with this issue please? Cheers.
  3. I have drawn a 3D poly to get the levels in a lawn. I cannot work out how to add a texture in 2D and get rid of the lines showing changes in slope. Help please. Thanks 🙂
  4. Hi All. I want to duplicate an object along a curved path so that the side of the object follows the path. First image is the object & path. Second image is what I want to achieve with a shortcut. Not copying and rotating every single object like I have done here. Or doing a few and duplicating and rotating groups of objects just in case the path meanders. Third image shows a sharper curve with the 2 options I want to achieve. One where the objects pivot from the left hand corner and the second from the right hand corner so there is a gap. The last image shows why I want to achieve this. They are Sandstone blocks. 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm. Some jobs they will be laid without cutting leaving a gap, and some jobs cutting the ends to eliminate the gap. Thanks
  5. You all probably know this. But I have found that 3D Paint has a quick way of clipping an image from a picture and saving it as an image file so that you can make image props from them. I can detail it here if anyone is interested.
  6. I don't think so. I am making a lot of plants. Sometimes I forget to fill in the 'Category'. So it gets missed in the Schedule. With so many plants, it is time consuming to check the species one at a time. Would be great if there was a way of VW counting all the plant images so that I could compare that with the final count in the plant schedule. There may well be and I'm having a boys look 🙂
  7. I am making a lot of good / average looking Plant Image Props from Google as i need them. I am wondering if we can set up a Thread where we can share them. Might be a good way to save time and help each other out. If so, I need help on how to share the ones I have. Cheers Bernard
  8. Hello again. Has anyone got a quick, flawless method of counting the individual plants on a design so that you can match that with the total on the plant schedule? I am doing a design with over 2k plants. and almost 30 species. I don't want to miss any. Thanks
  9. Thanks Peter. I am managing with Google for now. I was able to get 20+ plants today for a project. Either exact plants or very similar. Good enough for a basic 3D design anyway.
  10. Thanks Jonathan. Great idea! So I would have 2. One with a pad for the base basket and 1 without for the baskets to be stacked on top of the base basket?
  11. Thanks Eric. Your post came in as I was typing my last reply. I was thinking of this. But I would have so many pads to do, it would take a long time. And time is money. Maybe I just have to get quicker at creating pads 🙂 Is it an option to draw the stairs and walls first? Then draw the outline of the pads around them in top view to create them?
  12. I should also explain that a lot of the designs have what we call sandstone logs and gabions baskets. Sandstone logs are 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm and the gabion baskets are typically 1m x 1m x 2m. So I place them in as individual components.
  13. One of the images below shows a typical site I get for design work. It is a house site I was a structural landscaper for 37 years and specialised in steep sites. Now I seem to get designs on steep sites. Go Figure 🙂 I am having difficulty getting the site model to work to the proposed landscape after placing the walls and stairs. I know I can draw 3D polys. But this doesn't give me cut and fill. Or does it?? The second one is one I am working on at the moment. I have tried to manipulate the existing site model to match the stairs and sandstone walls. Not with any success. I am after a quick, effective method of doing this. THANKS for your help. Bernard.
  14. Hey Jonathan. What are some other ways? Any of them allow for them to work on an undulating terrain?
  15. I did it like Jonathan has mentioned. Selected all the stepping stones, 'sent to surface', checked the angle of the terrain, went to a side view, right clicked and selected edit 3D component, rotated the stepping stone with the rotate tool to the angle. selected top view again selected all the stepping stones again, went to a 3D view and used the up and down arrows to move the stepping stones to the right height I wanted. This will only work on a site model with an even grade, as all the existing and future stepping stone are now locked to this angle See picture below. I drew a new site model to show how I did it and the stepping stone is now placed on the drawing at the new angle!! Anyone got any better way of doing this so they can follow an undulating terrain. I am trying to do detailed 3D landscape drawings that show the real landscape. Not a flattened version.
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