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  1. Thanks Mike! best guidance I have gotten so far, but yes I am working in 2D all the time.
  2. JimW, So the background render is the sheet layer image or file which I apply a render style to, and then I start to create the foreground render lines tones etc on the same sheet layer how, adding more information on that same sheet layer, basically another line drawing on top of the original? It sounds like the background is the original design layer file and the foreground is done on top, after in the sheet layer interface. Thank you.
  3. How are the foreground and background determined, selected, identified, created etc.....?
  4. Thanks but its still a mystery, do you have a link to the topic somewhere in the vectorworks reference material?
  5. Jim thank you, but of course I am still lost and not sure how do I identify or make a foreground element and then create a backround element, layer or does this have to do with the classes interface, or specific viewports..... Are foreground and background part of viewports, layers or classes, or some thing else.....? I am working only in 2D lines and hatches.
  6. Can some one please tell me whats the difference or reference of foreground and background render choices. If I could put hatches on one of those Viewports it would be great. When I choose one (foreground or background) the entire drawing gets the render style. The hatches get too funky, the line work looks great when I play with the modifiers, the hatches not so much..... thank you!
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